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Carry Dilemma?

This is a discussion on Carry Dilemma? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by QKShooter ...then unload your firearm in the car before you enter their home. Keep your ammo & your firearm on your person ...

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Thread: Carry Dilemma?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter
    ...then unload your firearm in the car before you enter their home.
    Keep your ammo & your firearm on your person but, ammo separated from your unloaded firearm.
    Well, I have a different take. If you have one in the pipe, I'd remove that one, but leave the mag in. It doesn't take that much to rack one, but to slap the clip in and then rack is an extra step

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    Quote Originally Posted by jiggz01
    Anybody else have this kind of problem?
    My sisters are both extremely anti-gun. I was the chief babysitter in charge of my nephew from the time I was 13 years old. So I basically raised the kid. Even today, she claims the reason the kid is so conservative and pro-gun is because he once lived in Texas!

    My other sister lives in Boston and when I stopped in on my way to my first duty station, I naturally took all my handguns along, in checked baggage. The first thing she did when she met my plane was to whisper fiercely: Do you have any of those blankety blank GUNS with you? If so, I can't be driving with them in my car! I calmly told her she had a choice: Either drive very carefully from the airport and back to for my departure, or I'd get right back on the plane and continue my trip. We had a fine time during my visit.

    My sisters always knew where I stood. They knew as soon as the CCW was legal in 1987, I was carrying all the time. Sis here knew if I showed up at her home and didn't remove my outer garment like my coat or VEST....that was the deal. So, it was never really an issue. Except she expected me to keep my pro-gun conservative politics to myself at her parties and I was fine with that.
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    I do what dpesec does. remove the one in the pipe, load it back into the mag and reinsert mag.
    i trust my safety on the 1911 but its kids. i'll do all in my power to protect and with kiddy horseplay and 1 in the pipe "i" won't do that. i honestly don't expect trouble so 1 in the pipe is extreme for me around my kids but i still have my fully loaded mag in and ready.

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    i have two small kids myself, one 3 and one 9 months. I am their protector, no one else. It is my responsibility as a parent to do so. I make those decisions. It is those parents right to make that decision. if you were my nephew, and took the correct courses to obtain your ccw and I already 'trusted' you with my children, I would not have a problem, BUT I would want to be notified, that you were carrying. That is only fair and respectful to the parents and your family. I have a very similar situation, actually with my nephew, our deal is:
    no chambered rounds if rough housing. And if you take it off your person, if gets locked into my gun room-period. I do not want a loaded firearm,or partially loaded firearm just sitting around. The gun room is a hot-no touch room for my 3y/o daughter and it stays locked, mostly because most of the firearms in side are loaded. Maybe they don't have a "room" but maybe a safe or something you could use. I commend you for having the respect and forethought to even think of this issue, do you want another job, can you read a good bed time story?? lol. I have pretty strict rules though, because NOTHING means more than the safety of my kids. My avatar says it all, and yes that is my son.

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    I have been carrying concealed for nearly fourty years and have developed some rather strong feelings about carrying concealed. Let me share one of my most dearly held feelings. That being nobody gets to know that I carry concealed - ever! Other that my very closest family nobody knows that I carry. About twenty years ago I told some close friends (and they were close friends) that I was carrying concealed. Well, one friend told another, and then another, and it wasn't long before people I knew less well were asking me why I carried. Word gets around because people will talk! Carrying concealed means concealed and the less folk that know I carry the better for all.

    So, my advice is to continue to legally carry; don't let folk know that you carry; and just go on with life.
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    Well, I look at it this way & put the shoe on the other foot.

    If my Brother was a Biochemist & I invited him over to my home for dinner & he was "rough housing around" with my children with a bottle of deadly Anthrax in his pocket then (as a parent) I sure as hell would want to know about it.

    No matter if the bottle was "supposed to be" unbreakable...or not.

    You do not take any liberties with somebody else's children in a private home that is not your own. Parents are spazzingly over~protective of their children.
    Their home is their's not your castle.
    You have a moral obligation to the parents & to the children if you are going to be wrestling with their kids armed & with a round in the chamber. I would never do it. Just my personal opinion.

    Just a hypothetical something to think about...Suppose you are armed and baby-sitting some kids and you have a stroke or a heart attack???
    Heck....stranger things have been known to happen.
    Maybe you are "goofing around with the kids" & just "trip" & fall & slam your head on the corner of the coffee table & knock your lights out.
    In those situations you have place a loaded deadly weapon in close proximity to somebody else's kids and you no longer have any control over that firearm. My point is that NOTHING is impossible.
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    I must make it clear I completely agree with QKShooter. A parent, or indeed any homeowner, has every right to know if someone intends to carry in their home. As I stated earlier, if I were a parent and trusted someone enough to watch my kids, I would trust them to carry a firearm while doing it and would in fact consider their armed status a plus. But I would also want to know. That kind of trust has to work both ways.
    - Kurt
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    I like the idea of a vehicle gun safe...any recommendations?

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