1 thru 10 - time to vote!

1 thru 10 - time to vote!

This is a discussion on 1 thru 10 - time to vote! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Let me try a poll here if you will - In various threads I have been seeing a broad spread of ''risk'' mentioned. Some folks ...

View Poll Results: Your perceived crime risk quotient in your area

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  • Risk factor 10 (highest)

    1 0.59%
  • Risk factor 9

    0 0%
  • Risk factor 8

    4 2.35%
  • Risk factor 7

    14 8.24%
  • Risk factor 6

    16 9.41%
  • Risk factor 5

    30 17.65%
  • Risk factor 4

    24 14.12%
  • Risk factor 3

    36 21.18%
  • Risk factor 2

    30 17.65%
  • Risk factor 1

    15 8.82%
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Thread: 1 thru 10 - time to vote!

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    1 thru 10 - time to vote!

    Let me try a poll here if you will -

    In various threads I have been seeing a broad spread of ''risk'' mentioned. Some folks out in the sticks might reckon they are a mere 1 (I am discounting zero!) - others tho mention so much going down all the time, I reckon they must be up at 8 or more.

    Please post with your assessed ''risk quotient'' as you perceive it - 10 is of course the worst. Then too please outline the nature of said risk and link that with your local environment - eg, Urban, suburban, central city even.

    I am more than fortunate - I am semi-rural and to be honest doubt I can apply even a 2 to my risk factor. That said - every now and again bad things do go down - so in fact maybe it is frequency of ''events'' as much as severity that we need to consider.

    This all equates of course to your importance and need of carry protection.
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    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    I'd say about a 5. In my area there are many typical factors that lead to crime, such higher poverty rate, lot's of people, and rare educational opportunities. PLUS I also have all these punk college kids urinating on my vehicles and apartments and the like.....it used to be so much nicer. I still have to give it a 5, I've seen worse.
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    Im at a 6 i say becuse half mile down the road it would be a 7or 8

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    I said a 5. I just wrapped all the area's up including the city and I believe it ranks aroung a 5. The city only would be more like a 7 or possibly an 8 if just there, St. Louis MO. that is, or AKA the Loo to many.

    We are still new to CCW and it should get much better the more known carry there is.

    In my area is also semi-rural and while things do happen, petty theft, drugs, DUI, etc. It is not bad at all and feel very safe at anytime of the day or night where I am.

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    Jan 2006
    Suburban enviroment- Tulsa, OK. I'd say a 4 for me and a 6 for my wife (she works at a Vet and they have drugs there).
    Tulsa, OK

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    Administrative Ban Array Bruces45's Avatar
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    Warrensburg, NY
    I said 1 as I live in a very nice neighborhood, in a very low crime town.

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    5, smaller town, yet growing. Being ex LE I have seen more than more than most concrning crime in the town. Also , my personal threat level may be higher, if some reconize me as prior LE.

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    Everett, WA
    I choose risk factor 5, as I have had my next door neighbors garage broken into, my shed broken into (bike and tools stolen), and my neighbors car across the street broken into. There have also been a number of convenience store robberies in the area as well not to mention the local drug activity. I remember looking at the Everett WA police department website awhile back and on their website they had a map with different sections of the city sectioned off per crime rate. I live in the highest crime part of the city. However I would rather live here in the city of Everett than in some big city in CA or NY that didn't respect my right to self defense.

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    Distinguished Member Array jarhead79's Avatar
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    Stansbury Park, UT
    I lived in San Diego for 6 years, OC for 1. I didn't hear about as much crime there as I do here in nowhere, Idaho. Maybe because it's so rare and increasing, people talk about it more.

    Mostly meth related stuff. Lots of theft, but not too much "mug" style robbing. Mostly cars and houses.
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    I say a 5. Metro-Atlanta is only 30 minutes up the road and a few years it will rise to a 7. In the hi-desert of Cali, it was a 2, but God help you if your out and about in the desert and run up on troublemakers. Theres lots of folks who has never been found, still out there somewhere.

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    Wylie, TX
    This is a hard one. By my home, i'd say it's a 2 or 3. I live in a small town on the edge of Dallas. We've got a decent police force here.

    The interesting bit is when I leave for work. For some reason, there's plenty of road rage on my way into Downtown Dallas. I also work in an area where there's plenty of "bad elements." Luckelly, we have secured parking and all that, but I end up working late, and know that just a block or so away is a rather high crime area. Where I work would probably be considered a "6" and since I spend most of my time at work, that's what I voted.
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    Array craig45's Avatar
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    crestview fl
    it's about a 2 where i'm at, but last week in town a single mom got killed in her own house, and another one got killed in her house sat. afternoon. of course the police are looking at "persons of interest" but no arrests yet.

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    NW PA
    I voted 5, which may be a bit paranoid. I live on the outskirts of a small city, but it is financially struggling which tends to up the crime level. I have not personally experienced any violence nor seen any crime in the immediate vicinity (knock on wood). However, a convenience store a few blocks down the street was robbed at gunpoint a week back, a girl was raped at the big cineplex I go to all of the time, and three years ago, about 1/4 mile from the store I work in now, a man was blown to bits when the bomb someone had locked around his neck was detonated. He was a pizza delivery man and a group of people placed an order, overpowered him, then locked the bomb around his neck and then gave him a list of banks to go rob. It made national headlines and remains unsolved. So 'stuff' happens in the area, most people are just oblivious to the fact. I grew up 'out in the sticks' as well and as a result am a little more aware of the dangers present in the city simply because it's such a contrast to what I grew up with.
    - Kurt
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    I live in a urban area and surrounded by some well known "combat zones" and statistically more at risk than 65% of US residents. Still I estimate that my actual risk factor is about 3.
    The risk of being killed or injured on the highway is much greater than the risk of violent crime. More than half of all US gun deaths are actually suicide.

    Some US statistics of 2000:
    Killed in car accidents 42,116 (3.4 million injuries)
    Killed by the common flu 20,000
    Killed by murders 15,517 (murders have been on the decline for more than 15 years)

    Youre more likely to die from the flu than murder...
    You better pray I dont jam, because my backup is a ball peen hammer.

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    Residence would be about a 4, business location would be an 8, the business next door to mine was robbed the other night after they closed but while I was open. I make it mandatory that all my employees carry, and get proper firearms training. I think I'm a good boss!

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