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Fiancé completely anti-gun

This is a discussion on Fiancé completely anti-gun within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Think how both of you would feel if your lives were suddenly changed by an armed criminal assault, and she forbid you from defending your ...

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Thread: Fiancé completely anti-gun

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    Think how both of you would feel if your lives were suddenly changed by an armed criminal assault, and she forbid you from defending your family and children. As far as I'm concerned, you have the OBLIGATION to do all you can to protect your kids and wife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Datsun40146 View Post
    To those of you that said just leave her she’s not worth it or that we are too different. I disagree. She is worth it to me and always will be regardless of her stance on guns. We've been together for going on five years now. That may not seem like a lot to some of you, but its a heck of a lot to me. I am going to try my hardest to make this work. Thank you, everyone for helping me out with your thoughts. It’s really helping me out in this tough time.
    Datsun, thanks for sharing the preliminary results of your first discussion with us. It sounds like you made a pretty good conversation out of what could have been a nasty fight. At least you understand what some of her fears on the issue of guns are based on, and maybe she will come to understand your desire to offer the most physical protection you can for her.

    I totally disagree with the dump-her-by-the-wayside philosophy as it seems you do care deeply for her, however as mentioned before by older, wiser posters I strongly recommend at some point (and not all at one time, good grief) having a series of similar conversations about your most deeply held beliefs. When those conversations came around for me in my last relationship I couldn't believe how tough the dialog was even though I normally had no problem talking to this girl about anything else (superficial topics).

    I just know from watching some of my best friends get married over the last 5-7 years how easy people can get hitched even when dating for years and never really talk about their core beliefs because "love is enough". I'm totally not picking on you bro', just saying that communication is one thing I believe is huge in a relationship... make sure it's an open two-way channel for both of you.

    You've got good advice and good friends on here, I hope and pray the best for both you and your girl... keep us updated as much as you feel comfortable. God Bless!
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    you guys will make it work just give it time and have patience when it comes to her.
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    Another 2 cents

    Hi Datson,
    I have been married 29 years and there are many compromises that have to be made. What color for the carpet, where to go for dinner, many 100's of decisions to make but NEVER, NEVER on core principals or beliefs. If you continue to stick to your guns (pun intended) and continue to state you beliefs, one of two things will happen. Your girl will leave you or she will be passive-aggressive. Someone already mentioned the sulking and resentment that she will do. Unless you can win her over in a real, honest way, then keep a LOOOOOONG engagement to give her time to either come around or realize she won't change YOUR mind and she'll call it off.
    If gun ownership is a macho, caveman throwback to action movies and cowboy wishful thinking, then give up the guns and marry the gal. But if the desire to protect and defend your loved ones and your self, and express your God-given liberty to KABA, then hold to your convictions and let her desire if you are worth getting over HER irrational fears. If she doesn't trust you to keep your guns and your family safe, then she doesn't trust you at all. IMHO

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    Congrats brother. Like I recommended stick to your principles and just stay the course. If you all are truly meant to will reach a happy middle ground.
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