1st CC LEO Interaction: Donuts attracted him

1st CC LEO Interaction: Donuts attracted him

This is a discussion on 1st CC LEO Interaction: Donuts attracted him within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Came out of the gym last night and an empty snow covered parking lot caught my eye. We had the wife's Jeep, so of course ...

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Thread: 1st CC LEO Interaction: Donuts attracted him

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    1st CC LEO Interaction: Donuts attracted him

    Came out of the gym last night and an empty snow covered parking lot caught my eye. We had the wife's Jeep, so of course i had to take a spin (or 2) through said lot on our way home. This section had not been plowed at all, had no parked cars in it, and any normal vehicle trying to enter would get stuck immediately. Just as i finished the last donut and turned to head towards the road out, i notice a Canton police cruiser patiently waiting for me to exit. I had the G23 with me on my hip and all my ID with me, so i drove slowly to a good spot to pull over when he lit me up. Turned off the lights, shut off the motor, and rolled my window down before he even got out of his car.
    I had my ID and CPL (CPL on top so it was the 1st thing he saw) in my left hand w/ my arm on the window sill as he walked up.
    LEO: "Trying out the 4 wheel drive tonight?"
    me: "Yes sir, just a little."
    LEO takes my CPL and ID
    me: pointing to the CPL, "I need to show you that right off the bat."
    LEO: "Do you have your gun on you right now?"
    me: "Yes sir, on my right hip."
    LEO: "Well, as long as you leave it right there we won't have any problems." and walks back to his car.
    5 minutes later, after my wife has had a chance to tell me i'm sleeping on the couch if i get a ticket.
    LEO: "Let's make better decisions in the future. Have a good night."
    me: "Yes sir, i certainly will. Thank you."

    I was impressed by his demeanor considering the circumstances. As stated above, we were in the wife's Jeep. It's registered solely to her, my name doesn't show anywhere on it. Granted, he saw me playing in the snow, but instead of the 5' 5" 120lb blonde who's the registered owner, he got me @ 5' 11" 190lbs with a Glock. He reacted exactly how i hoped he would.

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    haha that's cool.
    "When the people fear the government you have tyranny...when the government fears the people you have liberty."
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    Good. That's good.

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    I woulda had ya make a face down snow angel to teach you a lesson lol.As more people get their permits I believe LEO will become more use to the fact that were not the BG's because we have a gun,they should approach every situation as if there could be a gun anyways
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    What's wrong with a donut or two?? Some people call them cookies. Perhaps we need to take a poll?
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    Sounds to me like you where having fun.

    What’s owning a Jeep for it ya can’t play in the snow (mud, sand, backcountry trail)every now and then.

    Your GOOD experience regarding carrying is the only kind of experience I’ve ever had from an LEO.

    Thanks for the post

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    The people here that did donuts in the park in the sports field caused thousands of dollars dammage to the field. The park will be closed for at least a year to sports.

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    Back in highschool I used to do donuts and drifting in the empty parkinglot of an abandoned megastore in WA. Never did understand why it's still illegal...not like it endangers anyone but me. Used to practice wheelies on my motorcycle in an industrial area by Mexico too. The security guards were all fine with it, but as soon as border patrol or the police showed up, it was trouble.

    Glad you didn't get in trouble for having a little harmless fun :)

    All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glock23MI View Post
    5 minutes later, after my wife has had a chance to tell me i'm sleeping on the couch if i get a ticket.

    ((Place funny, whitty comment here))

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    Glad it utrnedout that way; it is possible that the CPL saved you a night on the couch .
    Good attitudes for both of you, I like to see when LEO encounters go the way they always should.
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    I had a similar experiance except it was my wife driving our Grand Cherokee (now "upgraded" to a minivan). I was teaching her how to do a donut and in turn how to be in control of a vehicle on slippery roads (or our church parking lot in this case).

    The officer was actually quite nice about it and said that he thought it was a good idea. He said that the problem he had with it was that it would pack down the snow and make it more difficult to snowplow later. It was at this point that I pointed to my Dodge with the Boss VBlade and backblade at the ready when we were done with our "lesson". He just smiled and said "carry on"
    Pray for our nations leaders!

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    I got stopped about 3 months ago after cutting through an abandoned lot with some rock piles in my Jeep Wrangler. Both exits were blocked by delivery trucks so I cut through and went over two of the mounds and then exited where the driveway was... about a block later a LEO rolled me. I wasn't carrying then. He asked if I was in a rush, I told him no, but it looked like it was going to take a while to get out of the lot. He asked if I was in 4H or 4L... I told him 4L.... he asked me my gear ratio... 3.73... he said have a nice day and check for nails in the tires...
    "carrying a gun is a lot lighter than carrying a cop in your pocket" -MrTwice99

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    Well as much fun as they are...it is that kind of thing we should avoid while carrying a firearm. NOT all LEO would be so understnading. I try to be extra cautious obeying laws while carrying. LEO speak up here.
    Friends don't let friends be MALL NINJAS.

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    all rightttttttttttttttt good jobfor the both of you.

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