Colorado Counties can't keep up with CCW apps

Colorado Counties can't keep up with CCW apps

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Thread: Colorado Counties can't keep up with CCW apps

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    Colorado Counties can't keep up with CCW apps

    NRA-ILA :: Colorado: Counties Can't Keep Up With Concealed Carry Applications

    FORT COLLINS, Colo. -- There's an increasing chance the guy sitting or standing next to you is carrying a concealed weapon.

    Applications for concealed carry permits tripled in Larimer County in the last quarter of 2008, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said Thursday it is having trouble keeping up with the workload due to so many new applications statewide.

    CBI completed 18,725 background checks for people seeking concealed weapon permits in 2008. They took in 1,395 applications in December '08 compared to 797 in December of '07. A spokesperson said the CBI can’t keep up at this pace for much longer with current staffing and budget constraints.

    In Larimer County, applications jumped from 467 in 2007 to 1,025 in 2008. The majority of the 2008 applications came in October, November and December.

    "The political power is moving to the left, and the power brokers are the radical left. And whenever you see that, people get concerned. Law abiding gun owners get concerned that their Second Amendment rights will be infringed upon," said Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden.

    Alderden said his office was processing about three to four applications a week before the November election. Now, they are processing an average of 35 a week. He cites studies that he said prove society benefits from concealed weapon permits.

    "With the increase in permits, violent crime goes down. When I started to issue permits, there was all this talk that there would be 'blood in the streets'. That hasn't happened," said Alderden. Alderden said concealed carry permits enhance public safety.

    Several men came in to fill out applications on Thursday.

    "I wasn't happy with the outcome of the election," said one applicant.

    At Front Range Gun Club in Loveland, owner Kevin Cooper said his membership only club is getting good business, despite a slow economy.

    "I think there's some concern about gun rights," said Cooper.

    Cooper is a retired Marine and now trains forces around the world on how to safely and effectively use firearms.

    "What's nice is that nobody who's come through our doors has politicized the issue. They just say, 'Hey, I think it's time to do this,'" said Cooper.

    Cooper's staff teaches concealed carry classes.

    "You have to have a license to have a dog. Some people shouldn't have dogs. Some people shouldn't have guns," Cooper said.

    You can't get a concealed carry permit in Colorado if you are a convicted felon or if you've been convicted of a domestic violence related offense. There are other restrictions as well. Fees vary from county to county, but typically run about $150.
    The facts are indisputable. There is more data supporting the benefits of Conceal Carry than there is supporting global warming. If you choose ignorance, in light of all the evidence, in order to bolster your irrational fear of guns, you are a greater threat to society than any gun owner.

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    I believe that is the case all over the country,violent crimes are up and people realise the police can't be everywhere or show up within seconds of your 911 call
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    In my county alone the gun board meeting for December was 51 people, all there to finalize their CHL application. It was the busiest month in 2008 for my county. I believe it's the same all over the nation, (except for Illinois of course).
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    good good good. more people carrying the better. Watch out BG's.

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    The more people the better !

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    That is good news for Clorado!
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    That makes a lot more of us and less of them to worry about. I'm sure there are a lot of people who just don't get off their butt to do the paper work or our numbers would even be higher. I know many who are all but waiting for someone to come to their house and do the paperwork for them so they don't have to lift a finger for a CWP.
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    Where I live (1) CWP instructor is teaching 36 applicants per month. Dont know how many other CWP guys are teaching but I predict its alot.

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    As I said on an earlier post: I know three CCW instructors here in Colo. & their business has increased 6 fold.

    Prior to this year, I think there were around 30,000 CCW holders in Colo. [I forget the exact number, but we could all fit into the stands at Coors Field.] 18,725 additional permits would be a 62% increase in CCW holders. That's great!
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    Great statistics! Love the increase!
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