Flippant - perhaps!

Flippant - perhaps!

This is a discussion on Flippant - perhaps! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'd love for BG's to read here and realize (be reminded) just how many folks they encounter "might'' be carrying - and how seriously we ...

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Thread: Flippant - perhaps!

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    Flippant - perhaps!

    I'd love for BG's to read here and realize (be reminded) just how many folks they encounter "might'' be carrying - and how seriously we good guys take the whole deal. Make 'em think harder about scamming.

    OTOH - I would be less than keen to have them read up on discussed skills and techniques - after all we want them as unskilled as possible

    Many domiciled at Uncle Sam's pleasure of course often admit they worry more about us than cops - but sure would like to emphasize the deal to more of them!

    Wouldn't get thru to many tho I guess - they'll always be the ones to ''take their chances". OK, just wishful thinking!
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    Lots of em in prison practice dealing with PD officers. Too bad they don't keep em busier breaking rocks and such. Luckily , most criminals are lazy and looking for the easy target. But ,I guess if they were organized , they would have enough gumption to get a working job.

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    Here in the cincinnati area (proud & glad i no longer live so near cinci) home invasions are on the upswing hard. i hear about 1 every night or every other night. most are against "easy targets", older folks, all inner-city where they assume 'respectable' folks won't be armed in there homes (i assume). well this further reinforces my thinking of being armed every minute i'm awake (and can be, ie. work). i won't be caught off-guard, hopefully, by somebody that takes these antics out of the city and into the country-side.

    yeah, whatever happened to "hard labor" punishment?
    like making lil rocks out of big rocks?

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    Talking Something I never understood

    is why they give these prisoners weight rooms to exercise in so that they build themselves up to the point where they can easily overpower some prison guards. I would give them school books to read...period.
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    My cousin works as a correctional officer for the county in the tire shop. He reports that there are a few people who screwed up and made a mistake, but the majority are real scumbags when it comes to prisoners. They would throw down on you if given the chance if they would not suffer the consequences. He said people just don't realize that these type of people just don't care, and don't belong on this earth.
    I have heard some stories, enough to keep me on my toes and aware, which is good medicine BTW.
    God bless and keep safe... Art

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    thanks Artz...sometimes we need to be reminded of just how most BGs think. They just dont give a damn about what's right and wrong, just what they can get

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    There seems to be lots of training going on in prisons. Just one example was related by Clint Smith when I was at Thunder Ranch. He said inmates teach inmates to fall face down the instant a LEO fires at them whether they are hit or not. When the LEO approaches and holsters to cuff, they roll over and shoot him.

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    For now, anyway, I'd say that very few violent criminals are active on the internet. Organized crime, terrorist groups, etc. are, but your average street punk isn't.

    If they had decent computer skills, perhaps they'd find a different line of work!
    Liberty is an inherently offensive lifestyle. Living in a free society guarantees that each one of us will see our most cherished principles and beliefs questioned and in some cases mocked. It's worth it.

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    Very good discussion Chris.

    The last thing a BG is looking for is a fair fight. BGs want to win as quickly and as easily as possible to gain whatever they want from the encounter. BGs prey on insecurity and weakness. If you look and act like prey, that's what you become. Be on-point, ready, willing, able, and confident in your daily life and BGs will most likely pass you by, Look and act in a manner that says to the BG "It's not your day." and you have a better chance than many.
    "You've never lived until you've almost died. For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know" - T.R.

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