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What condition do you carry your "non-1911" DA semi-auto gun?

This is a discussion on What condition do you carry your "non-1911" DA semi-auto gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always carry with a round chambered and the mag full. If the gun has a M1911-style safety, I'll carry with the safety on. If ...

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Thread: What condition do you carry your "non-1911" DA semi-auto gun?

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    I always carry with a round chambered and the mag full. If the gun has a M1911-style safety, I'll carry with the safety on. If it's a traditional double-action, then I'll decock.

    I try to keep the process of getting the gun into action as consistent as I can, no matter what gun I'm carrying.

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    XD 9 SC, one in the chamber, mag topped off.
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    Always one in the chamber. I never use external safeties. It is either a Glock type firearm or it has a decocker.

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    Imi barak

    Cocked, locked, and ready to go on a moments notice...
    IMI Barak 9mm

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    Always RTG, no matter what I'm carrying.
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    Taurus PT111 - 1 in the pipe, full mag, safety engaged. There is not an external hammer.

    The ruger p89 when carried was carried with an empty chamber but if carried from now on will be carried one in the pipe and the decocker/safety engaged.

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    Walther P99c QA
    Always chambered and always topped off!
    No external safety. Your trigger finger off the trigger, IS YOUR SAFETY!
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    I carry either an XD .40, Glock 23, or occasionally a Taurus PT-111 or Taurus PT-99. All are carried with a round in the chamber as they are designed to be carried. With any quality modern DA semi auto handgun, they are designed to be carried with a round in the chamber.

    To carry with an empty chamber is equal to carrying a hammer or brick because you will not have time to draw and rack the slide to get that round where it should have already been in time to put the gun into action to save your life or the lives of your loved ones.
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    If I'm going to carry ANYTHING for SD, it's going to be ready to go...only the finger application away from delivery.
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    My CW9 is always in condition one.
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    Walther PPS. chambered round and full mag

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    SIG SAUER P220 single action only, cocked and locked, full mag in the weapon
    and another in my Comp-Tac mag holder, practice builds confidence, keep your fire arm in top notch working condition, and did I already say practice, and I mean every day, so if the time comes your brain and hands will be linked together.
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    Taurus PT111 - round in chamber from full mag; no topping off; safety on.
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    +1 on Condition 1

    My RIA 1911 is cocked and locked 1 in the chamber and a full mag.
    Kahr cw9 also 1 in the chamber and full mag, no safety except the one between my ears.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glock45 View Post
    +1 with a G30SF. 1 in the pipe and full mag -1. The full mag goes in just too tight when a round is chambered.
    9+1 or 8+1 (with 9 round mags) should take care of the threat. There is always a spare nearby.
    Next time you take your Glock magazines apart for cleaning file about 1/32 of an inch off the bottom of the follower. That will fix the problem with getting the last round in. In some extreme cases you may need to take off 1/16 of an inch.

    A Butler Creek LULA pistol magazine loader will also put the last round into the Glock magazine, whether you file down the follower or not.

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