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You see someone at Wally World printing...

This is a discussion on You see someone at Wally World printing... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For the most part, not my problem, none of my business, I don't care, and I am going about my day. I tried the whole ...

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Thread: You see someone at Wally World printing...

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    For the most part, not my problem, none of my business, I don't care, and I am going about my day.

    I tried the whole friendly armed citizen helping out another armed citizen gig one time. We were at a firearms instruction academy taking a reloading course together. The guy and I were parked next to each other and we were having lunch at our vehicle just talking up a storm.

    He carried a Sig 220 OWB and was clearly exposed underneath his fleece. At one point I just thought I would casually mention it and started with a very nice " So what do you got there on ya?" The man struggled to keep a straight face and proceeded to keep talking about the previous subject. I could tell he was getting aggetated so I then said "The reason I asked you what gun you are carrying is because half of it is exposed and staring at the sunshine right now. You might want to change how you carry it." Suddenly he turned very pale and then flush with embarassment as he realized I had told him the truth. He then apologized and explained to me that he was initially miffed because concealed is concealed and that I should know that. He now realized that he was the one who slipped up.

    After that, I have just come to the conclusion, that it just isn't my problem to help out strangers who are printing or revealing themselves. Dealing with the initial reaction just isn't worth it and has so much potential of turning ugly.

    Oh yea, I like pie too.
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    I've been there several times. If I choose to say anything at all, I usually just hand them a business card and kindly tell them that I can help them with that, lol.

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    none of my business.

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    I guess if I was in a jurisdiction where I knew printing was a huge issue, and would very likely result in a loss of CC, I would say something.
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    Since it is technically illegal in Texas and gives chlers a bad name (and I have a badge to backup my "suggestion" with I would kindly mention it.

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    I've made people from time to time and have minded my own business. Would continue to do the same now. Printing would not be a big deal in my little neck of the woods anyway.
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    If i see someone carrying i willl normally be OC, ill walk up with a smile on my face and ask them if they are a member of ;)
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    you should mind your own business
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    I voted mind my own business, but I would certainly keep an eye on him/her. Suppose he was a BG casing the place for a robbery? Most of us CC'ers are pretty careful about not printing. Not so (I suspect) the BG who is planning to pull a gun anyway and is probably carrying Mexican style. Talking to such an individual might just incite their action.

    I say keep your mouth shut and eyes open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paco View Post
    It would depend greatly on his/her demeanor. I can usually size people up pretty well, so if they are carrying them self in a manner that appears approachable I might mention it. if they seem like that Dad at the little league game that is always having to sit alone due to his mouth then I'll let the Cops tell him he is printing.

    Other than that, I like pie
    I agree 100%! Well put!
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    I voted for pie

    In Montana you can CC in city/town with a permit or OC what ever your flavor is. If I see a fellow carrier I will invite them to our local group for our meetings. If I see someone printing because they are bent over getting something, it aint my concern..
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    I voted for pie though that too is situational. I much prefer pecan or apple over lemon meringue.

    I would probably just keep quite as there is no way to know the BG/GG status of the person. My spidey sense would go to full alert though if I saw someone like this.

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    Most of us who CC are more in-tune and notice subtleties like someone printing or slightly showing a holster. The oblivions will not even notice!

    I say mind your own business.

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    I think about the possible scenarios and the bad that could come if the guy is a BG or gets huffy outweigh the good if he has just not noticed.

    OC is legal in AZ, so no biggie here.

    That said, I always tell my buddies who CC when they are printing. That's just courtesy. But like I have seen several times, unless I am planning on giving other fashion advice I just leave alone and stay alert.
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    I'm in the "if it looks like it will fallout and/or loss of control" camp...if not, I would mind my own business.


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