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You see someone at Wally World printing...

This is a discussion on You see someone at Wally World printing... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; if its a thug like person, and mexican carrying, I might mention it to the security, i wouldn't say anythign to them. might not even ...

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    if its a thug like person, and mexican carrying, I might mention it to the security, i wouldn't say anythign to them. might not even say anthing, maybe someone else will catch it and mention it.

    if it looked more like a professional person (even young) I'll be like, hey, ur weapon is showing.

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    I'd try to start up a conversation with the person in question. If he seemed cool, then I'd let him know. If the person wasn't very approachable, then I'd leave it alone.
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    Printing isn't an issue here in WV so I'd just go on my merry way and mind my own business.

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    Nope... unless I know the person I'm not saying a thing!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alnitak View Post

    I say keep your mouth shut and eyes open.
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    If I was printing I would hope someone would tell me. It is not a matter of legal or not for me. I don't want others to know I am carrying.
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    Nothing. Ohio's an open carry state. "Printing" is a legal nullity.

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    It would depend on the person and how I thought they woudl take it.

    Here in Colorado OC is legal so there are not laws to consider, just whether he/she was trying to conceal or not and how he/she would interpret your jesture.

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    I think bringing it up can do more harm than good and do even less good for our cause if grandma shopping over hears or whatever.

    Yeah, mind your own
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    Mind my own's their problem to deal with.

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    I just never worry about it because AZ is open carry anyway, but after this thread..... I worried about it all day and kept fussing with my jacket, worrying something was showing...... finally I slapped myself and got a grip. I normally have carried openly in just about all of the places we went today anyway! Made myself just relax and if they see it.... tough. Of course I realize most of you don't have this luxury.... but it is interesting to read of others situations.
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    Size him up for threat assessment and keep my eyes open and my mouth shut. Only time I ever said anything to a stranger was when the starter on the golf course put me with 2 guys who were buddies. By the 6th hole I felt comfortable enough to casually ask him what he carried. He didn't freak but was taken aback that I detected it and he thought I was a LEO (I'm not).

    I think that anyone who CC's for a while is or becomes at least subconsciously, if not consciously, alert about other CC'ers...spidey sense, sort of, but actually I think CC'ers tend to good SA and skills of observation due to the responsibility we've assumed by proactively exercising our rights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mslaughtertx View Post
    Since it is technically illegal in Texas and gives chlers a bad name (and I have a badge to backup my "suggestion" with I would kindly mention it.
    Technically, it's not illegal in Texas. The law here says "intentionally fails to conceal the handgun." If you feel like you need to mention it to him, as if he didn't already know, your badge doesn't back you up. Your gun and your opinionated righteousness might, but not the badge.

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    You kindly walk over to the newbie and point to where the Nachos are.

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