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Why do YOU carry??

This is a discussion on Why do YOU carry?? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Because I am a sheepdog protecting the sheep from the wolves...also in my official capacity I sometimes arrest people that aren't necessarily glad to see ...

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Thread: Why do YOU carry??

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    Because I am a sheepdog protecting the sheep from the wolves...also in my official capacity I sometimes arrest people that aren't necessarily glad to see me when I am off-duty
    Si vis pacem, parabellum

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    I carry because police have no legal duty to protect individuals, have no legal liability if they don't, and in most cases have no physical ability.

    If your life and limb are in immediate danger, protect yourself or don't get protected at all.

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    My wife and I both carry. We do so because we have 5 children who depend on us for their safety and well being. That doesn't stop and protecting them physically, but it extends to protecting ourselves so that no scum takes us away from them. So we will be there to guide them growing up. So we may continue providing for them.

    We have guns to safeguard all of those things and so much more.
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    My Grandfather told me as soon as I turn 18 to get a permit because I'm an American and no one will protect me but myself! Since 1935 Indiana has had a license program to carry a handgun and he had always had a license and carried.
    Now I lived in Maryland for 10 yrs (so no license), during that time my house got broken into while I was home(I had my AR-15 in my hands), and one time while waiting at a light, a dog came up to the car in front of me and the guy in the back seat put his arm out the window w/ a pistol and shot the dog! He then turned and looked at me! I will never feel that helpless again!!!
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    "First Duty is To Remember"

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    Because they havn't made a pocket Army Ranger yet. (see sig)

    Though I will settle for a pocket light armor brigade.
    I will support gun control when you can guarantee all guns are removed from this planet. That includes military and law enforcement. When you can accomplish that, then I will be the last person to lay down my gun. Then I will carry the weapon that replaces the gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SonofASniper View Post
    I don't want a concealed carry cop. I want a concealed carry Army Ranger. They come equiped with night vision, have better ROE's, and debreif much better. Plus they can call in artillery and air support. Who wouldn't want that?
    +1 on the sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogerswann View Post
    When asked why I carry, I simply show a picture of my family, no other words are spoken.
    That my friend is the best answer I have read in this thread.
    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
    - Sir Winston Churchill

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit383 View Post
    I want to save the world :)
    Im gonna hope the smilie means you're joking. Carrying wont do it but.. hey Id suggest you get involved in politics.

    Ok...some guy screaming at a lady at a stop light led to getting a CC? I'm lost in that logic...
    The OP saw this happening and probably felt that something like that could happen and yet something worse could come of it. Not that hard to understand really. Try, wont you?

    Those that just want to exercise their rights...does not give me a warm feeling of confidence.
    Neither does mandated training, yet you advocated just that in another thread.

    I personally used the "exercised right" in my initial post but I have many more reasons which Ive either discussed here or elsewhere. You know, the time when I was robbed at gun point and had the barrel to my head while the perp tried to actually rip my finger off my hand to get my wedding ring.

    Meanwhile his buddy had pistol whipped my wife and snatched a gold chain off her neck leaving scratches on her upper chest/lower throat due to having those long cocaine sniffing fingernails and.... while his other buddy pistol whipped my best friend and had him on the ground at gunpoint robbing him.

    I could tell a few more stories too if you'd like but they involve rape and murder and other stuff that has hit me really close...

    Everyone has their reasons Rick and no one reason is better than another.

    Personally...one just has to pick up the newspaper to see why...

    Well we agree here for sure.

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    Gee AA...thanks for setting me straight...I was lost there for awhile :))

    Training in many states is already mandated...

    I'm all for exercising one's rights...it is why/what someone is going to do with that right that sometimes leaves me perplexed. Ah...my right to be so wouldn't you agree AA. Of course...if you can find where I said one's reason is better than another...

    As for stories AA...many have...you are not alone.


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    #1 - Because the 2nd Amendment says I can, and it's my right to.

    #2 - Trouble never makes an appointment.

    #3 - Because a cop is just to big and fat to carry in my back pocket.

    #4 - When seconds count, 911 brings help that are minutes away.
    10mm Rocks

    Never argue with an idiot. They'll only drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

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    Thumbs up

    One word...Responsibility. It is my responsibilty to protect my family and myself from harm. My tools to assist in my duties include: G30/XD45/XD40 subcompact and every other gun in my safe. Other equipment to help with my security mission include: brain, fists/feet and anything else I can get my hands on at the moment of truth. I refuse to be a victim. If you happen to be around me at the moment of truth, you way benifit from my expertise in self defense. But, I reserve the right to become involved. I am not a substitute for LE. However, I will protect my family and myself. Have a nice day!
    Oh yes, I agree with many of the previous posts. Sounds like a bunch of great Americans.
    Courage: "Do not follow where the path may lead...go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

    Retired Army, Infantry
    NRA Life Member

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    Because I will not be a victim.
    ((Place funny, whitty comment here))

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    Why do I carry?

    Because in a sermon given in Philadelphia in 1747 it was stated:

    He that suffers his life to be taken from him by one that hath no authority for that purpose, when he might preserve it by defense, incurs the Guilt of self murder since God hath enjoined him to seek the continuance of his life, and Nature itself teaches every creature to defend itself.

    Our founding fathers recognized that truth and therefore made it a part of the supreme laws of our government as one of the “inalienable rights” given by our Creator to ALL humans. (To keep, and bear arms.)

    To go further, not just because the 2nd amendment says so.
    But because, the God who spoke the words “Let there be Light……” and by the power of the sound of His voice, the Universe leaped into existence, said I can.

    Or the short version? ……

    Because I can. (And if you don’t like it, take it up with God.)

    ....off theological soapbox....(no smilies needed)
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

    “The way you get shot by a concealed weapons permit holder is, you point a gun at him,” the Sheriff said.

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    I carry for the protection of myself and family. You never know when or where things go bad, and you cannot rely on someone else to take the responsibility for you and your family.

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