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Maybe it’s just me….

This is a discussion on Maybe it’s just me…. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by jframe38 Everyone here is right on. I found that when I lost a few pounds I started carrying more IWB and that ...

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Thread: Maybe it’s just me….

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    Quote Originally Posted by jframe38 View Post
    Everyone here is right on. I found that when I lost a few pounds I started carrying more IWB and that really helps in the concealment category.
    I read somewhere that CCing should be comforting and not so much comfortable.

    My carry rig is both comforting and comfortable. If what/how you're carrying isn't, then why not just change it to make it comfortable?
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    It might be more correct to tell folks "it'll become part of you" because like you, I never "forget I have it on". But I did reach a point where I don't think about it all the time and I do feel naked without it!
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    I have had a carry permit since 1971. I am always aware of my carry weapons and how I move. They were only a few Open Carry staes that I lived in so concealment was / is a priority. It's like checking for your wallet or cash or keys or knife. I know where they are and their position. It becomes second nature but you must stay aware of your weapons.
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    Been a year for me, I still do the adjustments getting out the car, etc, for instance in winter i slightly tuck my shirt behiind my OWB holster since i have a coat on, why make it harder to draw?? When I go to enter a business, bar, store etc. I flip my shirt back over it before removing my coat.

    I think you are merely pointing out they very nature of being aware of your surroundings. checking people is merely measuring up possible threats etc. Just cause they got a gun tucked or concealed doesn't make em an honest CC with a permit

    I'd say right on man.

    I was in South Side in Pittsbugh for the Steeler Superbowl, I was eying up people most of the night, with the exemption of the party I was at, merely because I knew the people there pretty well.
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    I've only been carrying for a few months and I feel/act similarly to you. I think actually "forgetting" you have it on would be a little TOO relaxed. Aren't we supposed to be more aware of our surroundings than the sheeple?

    I'll forget about mine after driving/flying for a while, but other than that I am always conscious of my gun.

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