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Carry to church???

This is a discussion on Carry to church??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The law in Va states without good and sufficient reason. Left open to interpretation. I do every Sunday . Part of a full time security ...

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Thread: Carry to church???

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    The law in Va states without good and sufficient reason. Left open to interpretation. I do every Sunday . Part of a full time security team my church put together.So every service and function the church has I'm there armed to protect.
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    Not legal here....
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    Yes, and as juvenile as it sounds, I just feel cool carrying with my shoulder holster and suit. I don't get much else excuse to sport a suit.
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    For the folks in VA:
    Section18.2-283: [can't carry concealed] To a place of worship while a meeting for religious purposes is being held at such place, without good and sufficient reason.
    Surely you have a good and sufficient reason to carry - your mandate from Scripture is to protect the innocent (an easy derivation from "Do No Murder") and bad guys have targeted churches in the past (an undisputable demonstration of risk). When I asked my pastor, he said, "Of COURSE you should carry!"

    However, if the church has a school attached to it, it would seem that you're not permitted to carry there.

    Carrying to feel cool worries me, though being pleased to be able to use a snazzy holster is probably fine - I wouldn't know, as I can't afford one (more power to you).
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    Church carry

    When I FINALLY receive my CWP I will carry in church. My CWP instructor (a deputy sheriff) said there were three kinds of people: The sheep, the wolves, and the sheepherders. He said the police and those who legally carry are the sheepherders. I am in a leadership position in my church - thus a sheepherder. If I need to protect the flock against the wolves, I will carry.

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    Every time the doors open. That's why I got my permit.
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    Carry in church?

    One of the main reasons I applied for a permit.

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    Dis some googling and it appears its legal in MA. I did find out its illegal to carry at schools.

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    I was a pastor until recently. I carried all the time. In MO you need the permission of the leadership. I would have said yes to anyone who'd asked if they were doing it all legally.

    I belive you should carry whenever it's legal and that includes at home.

    Problem is in MO or other states when you're visiting new churches looking for a new home. In such cases It wouldn't be legal to carry without first obtaining permission. As a Christian in that case you are required to obey the law. So you should disarm in the parking lot or not go there.

    I for one would leave it in the car and visit but would make this question one I would ask the Pastor when asking about their doctrine (which is far more important than whether-or-not you can carry).

    Carrying while standing in front of a congregation and preaching makes you very careful about concealment and printing. Especially if you're a preacher who moves around alot while you preach. :)

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    My feeling is that if you're going to carry, carry everywhere you legally can all the time. If you're going to pick and choose when and where you carry, you probably won't have it when you need it!
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    Good thing to do as long as it is legal where you live.

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    Peter was packing - weapon of the day - short sword - used it on the Roman Soldier's ear when they came for Christ.

    Yes, I do - a former Pastor of mine did also - as well as my Brother-In-Law - also a Pastor.
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    I carry every service.
    As long as it is not illegal or against the policies of the church leadership then I think it is a good idea.

    Since it is legal in my state, and our church is not one that is liberal, I did not ask the pastor. In time he learned of it, and when we got into a conversation about it, he stated he was very pleased that someone was watching the doors. If by chance the pastor had objected to my carrying I would have ceased carrying at church.


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    its not legal here in Ga. but neither are the criminals, so with that being said, if you come into my church and start shooting, you will one way or the other leave "HOLY" or "HOLEY"
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    Quote Originally Posted by C9H13NO3 View Post
    There are even some preachers on here that carry during their service :)
    I bet their robes make the best cover garments
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