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Carried to the doctor today

This is a discussion on Carried to the doctor today within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; when going to a Dr, I would prefer to do either clip carry (in pocket) or ankle carry...

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Thread: Carried to the doctor today

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    when going to a Dr, I would prefer to do either clip carry (in pocket) or ankle carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gideon View Post
    I'm also wondering if it could be considered brandishing in some states with strict laws about anyone even seeing your concealed weaon.
    GA doesn't have any laws about "brandishing."

    Also, none of the staff in my doctor's office has ever had anything to say about the gun on my belt.

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    I had to go to the Urgent care. My first thought was to leave the gun in the Jeep, but I decided I would look for a sign first, not posted, so I carried. I was worried when they did the x-ray though, lucky for me, it was only of my ankle and was directed there and not up higher, or the tech may have had a surprise.
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    I recently asked my doctor on her preference regarding my CCW. Initially, she was hesitant. It turns out, she once had a female patient who carried concealed, except this woman would constantly blab about her gun, making the staff uncomfortable. She quickly recalled that I'm nowhere near that much of a twit, so though she doesn't seem comfortable with the idea, she wouldn't mind if I ended up in her office with my EDC, because unlike her previous experience, I wouldn't be a jerk about it.


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    Just got back from annual physical. Had great firearms talk with Dr., he's now getting into reloading. Another thing we'll have in common besides CHP. Nurse favorable also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by medic0079 View Post
    every Doc I know is a shooter of one form or another... hunter/target/protecion
    Appears to me to be more popular than I though. At a recent office I mentioned guns and a project I was working one. My Dr. (female) mentioned her interest in guns as well as my project. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I have known her for around 22 years. Never once had the subject came up before.

    Live and learn..
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    shoot, i took my ccw class with one of my doctors.

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    I've practiced cardiology for almost 25 years in Arkansas, and only one patient has carried a weapon into my office (or at least that I was aware of). I just asked him to leave it under a garment so as not to freak out the nurses.
    All the hospitals in which I practice have signs prohibiting weapons, so that makes it difficult for me to carry while at work. Be careful around hospitals.

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    When I go to the doc, I don't carry my XD45 in it's IWB holster, I carry my Glock 26 in a Nemesis pocket holster. I figure that it's best not to push it until I know their feelings towards guns. I used to work in an office, where 1 doc and a nurse carried, and brought their guns in with them and then locked them up. I figured that if I had started carrying back then, we would have the most heavily armed office in Vegas! Today, I had a cardiologist appointment. I haven't seen this particular doc since I moved away from Vegas back in 2000. As we were talking, I mentioned how lousy Vegas has been as far as work is concerned since I moved back. Then I told him about a job that I was fired from, after a patient complaint (I wouldn't prescribe antibiotics for a viral illness), and also because they didn't like the fact that I looked at gun sites on the internet (they were just starting up, and I was seeing 0-2 patients per 12 hour shift). I said that I told them that shooting was my hobby, and I have a concealed weapons permit, but they didn't care, they just thought that I was a danger because I looked at gun sites. After I mentioned my CCW permit, I saw him start to to look at me up and down, and I realized that he was looking for a gun! He also had a strange expression on his face. I kind of got a kick out of it. But I was glad that he couldn't see the gun in my right front pocket.

    Oh, and Doc Henry, I don't worry about hospitals, or anywhere else with posted signs. Here in Nevada, they have no legal standing. The worst that can happen is that they ask me to leave, and if I fail to do so, then I could be arrested for tresspassing. Other than that, there's nothing that I could do.

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