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Question how much is too much?

This is a discussion on Question how much is too much? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Shooting is like any other physical activity - endurance and proficiency build with practice. IMHO, you are practicing "enough" when your practice enables you to ...

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Thread: Question how much is too much?

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    Shooting is like any other physical activity - endurance and proficiency build with practice. IMHO, you are practicing "enough" when your practice enables you to attain your desired level of proficiency. You are practicing "too much" when your performance starts to drop off - at that point, you are just reinforcing poor performance.
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    I think this would depend on several factors. First, like others have said the individual shooter. Second, how quickly do you shoot X amount of rounds. Many, many moons ago I would go and shoot four hundred rounds a weekend once or twice a month. (I was reloading then.) However, this was at an outdoor range I was a member of and we would spend all morning there haning out, shooting, talking to others, etc. So the actual shooting was spread out over a fairly long period of time. I wasn't on the clock and trying to get my shooting done before I had to pay for an extra hour of range time. And also, again like Bud and everyone has said, it depends on the gun and caliber. Shooting 200 rounds of standard pressure .38 is a lot different that shooting 200 of .44 Mag.
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    Relax... it's supposed to be _fun_ :)

    If I'm going to shoot for groups, I do so when I first get to the range. Take a break. Even 5 minutes helps. Take a friend to the range with you, so that you have someone to talk to. Most of the rest of the shooting I do is regular 'ol plinking. .22 spinners, empty shotgun hulls, potatoes...

    I put between 200-400 rounds down during a normal range trip, usually 3 hours or so. Over half of that is .22lr. I've got 5 10rd mags for my Buckmark... doesn't take long to empty them :)
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    So many factors come into play. Weather ~ Super HOT weather is a killer for me. Caliber of course is a big one. So many things.
    Any given shooting session could have all or one of them.
    Grip fatigue is one huge factor.
    Doing hand...And Finger...exercises REALLY HELPS.
    Buy a Gripmaster.
    Subconsciously, individual shots seem to take on LESS importance (to me) when I shoot for really extended periods.
    Could you call that a loss of concentration? "MAKE EVERY SHOT COUNT" goes out the window after 300 rounds.
    Also...For me when I wear ear protection for extended periods of time my groups tend to open up somewhat. That is a peculiar quirk of mine.
    It bothers me & it affects my shooting.
    Changing firearms helps & that always makes me feel like I'm starting fresh.
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