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I made the stupidest mistake of my life

This is a discussion on I made the stupidest mistake of my life within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by nutz4utwo If that is the worst mistake of your life, you are not doing too badly. +1 There are several people, including ...

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Thread: I made the stupidest mistake of my life

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutz4utwo View Post
    If that is the worst mistake of your life, you are not doing too badly.

    There are several people, including me, that carry and keep at least one weapon in our car at all times. Including the no carry parking lot at work. Why worry? So someone knows that you support a free America. Educate them, maybe you can convert and have someone to talk guns with.

    more later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by psychophipps View Post
    This is the reason why I keep my pistol in my holster even at night.
    What I do as well...at all times.

    Thanks for sharing...I wonder if those that keep a gun in the car or a gun in a room...and rarely check it...and perhaps forget that it is even there.


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    I always carry when I ride my mountain bike. I live close to the foothills and start riding from my house. One time I accidentally left my gun in the garage and realized it when I was 7 miles into the back country! My two sons are trained in firearm safety, and know that they would not endanger themselves, but I felt like such a dummy for leaving it in the first place. I raced home and found everything in order. From the on, my pistol is the first piece of equipment that I put on!

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    I have never in my life misplaced a gun or a set of keys, just too important to me.

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    Once, I came out of the office to find my pistol wedged between the seat and console of my car.

    I had completely forgotten to take it inside with me.

    Luckily, no one decided to help themselves to a free HK that day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by waynesan View Post
    Very good advice. Been there, done that. That's a terrible feeling to know you have "misplaced" a gun.
    +1. Did it with my Bersa. Just about had a canary.

    Quote Originally Posted by dignzepln View Post
    I have never in my life misplaced a gun or a set of keys, just too important to me.

    Quote Originally Posted by GotSig? View Post
    Luckily it didn't get jacked out of your car. No more leaving a gun in the car for me, lost my pm9 that way. Concealed means concealed for me from now on.
    On the other hand, I think this is the origin of the "truck gun". I have a little Bersa I shove between the seats. Yes, it would be a hassle if it was stolen but, monetarily, not a real big deal. That's why they invented Taurus.
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    Just a couple weeks ago I left my weapon and extra mag in the back bathroom for about 30 minutes. When I realized my holster was empty I thought my heart was going to jump out like Ripley's alien! My eight year old has access to that room but not the toddler. He has been indoctrinated into gun safety, but still....... he's eight, not eighteen.

    I was trying to hurry up and finish my 'business', something happened to rush me along and I completely forgot to 'load the leather' as it were. Damn stupid of me.

    Several times a day I check to make sure my pocket friend is still in residence, usually right after I stand. I exist in mortal fear that I am going to hitch up my pants to sit down and out will pop the pop gun into a seat or onto the floor.

    Just this morning my partner found a single .38 Special Nyclad round in, of all places, out IV and drug box locker on the medic. I remember one of the other shifts saying something about securing an off duty LEO's gun in there a couple months ago, not sure if they unloaded it...
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    Thanks for sharing. We all do better when we voice our fears and shortcomings.

    It reminded me of something stupid I did. Before I had my CCP, I went trout fishing in my home state of Pennsylvania. I took a small 32 special for protection against snakes.

    That evening we drove to Baltimore, Maryland for a few days in Inner Harbor. I took along a small shoulder bad I had used earlier in day fishing. As the bell-hop is was going up the elevator with us, I see shoulder bad handing on the luggage cart, and the grip of the 32 special sticking out one or the side pockets. I forgot to take the gun out of the bag. He didn't see it and I was able to close the bag.

    Now I have a conceal weapon in one the most anti gun states in the the US. I left it in the suit case and just took it home in after our few days stay in Baltimore.

    I can see how easy it is to lose track of where you gun is.

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    Don't let the "I didn't get..." group know...:))


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    Thanks for the reminder. You're not alone on this one.

    She: "Do you have deep pockets?"
    Me: "I will as soon as they come out with a pocket holster for my S&W500."
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