Carry options in the car

Carry options in the car

This is a discussion on Carry options in the car within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering what some of you do when you are going to be getting in and out of your car several times a day. ...

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Thread: Carry options in the car

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    Question Carry options in the car

    I was wondering what some of you do when you are going to be getting in and out of your car several times a day. Weekend errands and such. I carry IWB on my right side. Allows a 5'8 guy that weighs 185 to hide a G21 under a sweatshirt. That makes for an easy draw while standing, but near impossible while sitting in a vehicle. Cross draw (for me anyway) puts the frame of the gun sticking out far too much. I originally started out using a shoulder holster which is nice for this situation, but can't be hidden under a sweatshirt and is a real pain to get in and out of is you stop for lunch at a nice sitdown that is ABC licensed.(illegal carry spot here in VA)

    I don't come into town for this sort of thing often, but then this is when I probably need the protection the most.

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    Thats one reason to have a mousegun in a frt. or rear pocket holster for quick access on your body. I also keep a larger handgun between my seat and center console for easy in-vehicle access.

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    Popular subject - one which I think we all have to consider at times.

    I carry 3 to 3.30 OWB with the SIG and find that if I make sure it is at 3 o'clock once seated, I can belt up and still have access, even if a bit more awkward.

    Apart from that - if there is a greater risk area being travelled then I will place it out of holster, either between center console and seat or even just lay it between my thighs.

    Main thing is I can always get at it - one more factor which for me detracts from IWB. I have also been known to have SP inside center console too - but prefer to rely on 1º so as to not forget that I have left a gun in truck sometime, even if locked.

    Vehicular carry ideal I think, well for me as a 'righty', would be cross draw but I do not want that other times. I am happy enough with my compromize.
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    Even more of a problem for me is that I'm left handed...which places the gun between the door and my side. Only thing I can think of is another gun or pulling the 1911 out of its holster for the ride

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    My situation is a great byproduct of absurb laws. I can have a gun in the car but not on my person for 40 hours of the week, but I do have occassion to step out and when I do I carry.

    My solution to this has been to have a designated car gun. Mine is my XD40, which lives in its slim Center of Mass vehicle gun safe. When traveling I simply unlatch the safe with the key and open the lid and the gun is right there, neatly at hand. It simply rests on the "console" area between the seats. I can hide it, secure it, or grab it instantly. I have it situated where it will not move even if I slam on the brakes.

    I am also a constant user of the Safepacker from Wilderness Tactical. I am not a fan of off body carry, but I strap the Safepacker to my hand and run in and run out. It's not the best mode of carry but it's simply not practical to fuss with a holster and readjusting my clothes constantly. You can also strap the Safepacker to your seatbelt if you feel so inclined.

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    I carry a 1911 in a Milt Sparks Versa Max II at about 3:30 or so. I can still access my weapon while seated and belted in while in my truck or van.
    The only time I have trouble is if I am in a vehicle with pronounced seat bolsters, such as the ones good sports cars have.
    Fortunately I cannot afford a car with that style of seats, so I'm good.
    Good luck.
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    I am LH too. I find it is easier to access the gun than a RH person would, but I need to roll toward center to be able to present the gun while sitting(unless the window is down). I keep the gun holstered, in case of an accident or needing to quickly exit.

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    Put another holster in between the seats and switch your gun back and forth.
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    I carry my BUG in a pocket holster in the cargo pocket on the right leg. It is therefore almost in my hand as I drive.
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    If I know I am to be getting in and out of the vehicle a lot or traveling, I'll wear a shoulder rig.
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    With an oversize dark colored sweat shirt you should be able to conceal your Glock in a proper shoulder holster.
    You need to adjust it to carry your firearm pretty high up & under the armpit. Most Generic shoulder rigs suck.
    Some shoulder rigs are too bulky. You need a high quality holster.
    The draw is pretty fast pulling the shirt up with the non gun hand at the same time you are reaching under to get a handle on the firearm. Having a shoulder holster made without a retention strap speeds things up a lot.
    The Alessi HOLSTER is fantastic...though I use a custom fit/made Non Alessi strap system for all of my shoulder holsters.
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