CCW and back pain?

CCW and back pain?

This is a discussion on CCW and back pain? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A little over a year ago I had a motorcycle accident and as a result I experience lower back pain on a regular basis. I ...

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Thread: CCW and back pain?

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    CCW and back pain?

    A little over a year ago I had a motorcycle accident and as a result I experience lower back pain on a regular basis. I was wondering if anybody ever gets any back pain as a result of carrying on a regular basis.

    I dont have any experience carrying yet. With my income tax refund I plan on paying off my credit cards then using whats left to send in my CWL application here in Florida. Ive already taken the class. I just need to send in the fingerprints and paperwork.

    Ill be carrying my loaded Springfield 1911 and Im sure most people know its not the lightest thing around. My next purchase will be a Milt Sparks watch 6 and a good belt to carry it in.

    With a sturdy belt and holster will it even matter? I hear alot of people
    say that with a good holster/belt combo they hardly even feel it.

    Maybe im overthinking this, but as common as back pain is Im sure some of you can relate.

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    Can't say as it's ever given me a backache...though mine aches most of the time anyway. My hip does get somewhat irritated though after a long day with an IWB holster.
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    I never have back pain /CCW related problems , even carrying a HK USP 40 full size. I did develop a callous from the holster rubbing on my hip. But then again, I don't have much back pain since I have been lifting weights.

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    yep i do which is why i have switched lately to tactile tupperware..

    I've a herniated Disk again so i know where the pain everyday comes from

    Some tips to help.

    Good belt good holster..

    This is one some people don't like but it really really helps Suspenders.

    Takes alot of the weight of the gun off your back and hips ..

    You can get good suspenders that you can cover with another shirt and people cant really tell you have um on so ya don't look like a old grandpa.

    Also a shoulder holster will help out if you like them again adds most the weight to upper body instead back ..

    Mine didn't seem to be helping a whole lot so i had to go the extreme and dump weight of the gun..

    I went from the 1911 to a glock for now get healed up probley back to 1911 but got to admit 15 rounds of 10mm is kinda nice

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    This is a very individual thing IMO.

    I am a member of the ''Bad-Back-Club'' too but problems with backs can be very different re the pain mechanism, the body build and one's tolerance etc. I mean therefore - it is hard to come up with a ''one-size-fits-all'' with regard to what does or does not help a bad back!

    I ache all day and every day and have episodes of much worse. Strangely tho - carrying full size and heavy (OWB - SIG 226 ST - about as heavy as it gets!) - is no problem for my back.

    The weight being on my waist does not ''pull me over'' whereas carrying something does, and can hurt - it is down to moments - length of levers etc. I can hardly bend or kneel for long and yet - carry piece no prob!

    Make of that what you will but as I said - this will vary for people with back problems. Personally I can see IWB (in theory) being a more aggravatory way to carry than OWB - but bound to not always be the case at all.

    I guess really - we are back to the eternal ''it has to be what works for you'' - deal!! Experiment with rigs, positions, have good belt of course that does the job - and downsize carry piece if you must - well for weight anyways if that really seems a factor.
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    Low Back Problems

    Lots of pain sometimes. Mine is also due to an early traumatic multiple injuries.
    I've pretty much learned to live with it & ignore it.
    I've been busted up in so many different places that I'm willing my skeleton to science.
    Avoid that back operation at all costs.
    Do not go under the knife for lower back unless it's absolutely necessary. Unless you cannot walk.
    Shoulder holster carry is an option.
    The heaviest of "carry handguns" are really not all that heavy.
    You could get a lightweight but, of course they are tougher for some folks to shoot.
    A lightweight 9mm would be a good alternative.
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    I can relate

    I broke my back in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. This has left me with severe back problems & pain. I also carry a Springer SS 1911 in a Milt Sparks Summer Special. , I am using a wilderness Instructors belt & I carry roughly 12 hours aday, everyday. I dont believe I have any more back pain with the weapon then without, I thanks to the Milt Sparks holster I can even forget it is there.

    Everyones experience with BackPain is different but that is min.

    Take care & shoot safe
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    Lower back pain is one of the reasons i went to the khar pm9 as primairy for most days . my sig 220 is pretty much regulated to " going to town " and worn in a miami classic sholder holster now . I also vote for a good belt and holster , Normaly i wear the pm9 in a beltslide and get along fine it conceals fine that way under an un tucked shirt . the rest of my pistols are pretty much range queens anyway lol

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    Hey down there in Tampa,broke 2 verts racing when i was a teen live with pain always. I carry every day sometimes 12 hrs can't tell diff, i find pain a state of mind, beats alternative. Every day above ground is a great day. Fight crime shoot first, Skip in Jax Fl

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    I can say that I do have back pain but not related to an injury but from just inheriting a bad back. I have learned to keep it to a minimum from specific stretching and increasing my core strength. I have also believe it or not found that eating right and the right foods have helped in more ways than I can explain.

    Although people with back injuries don't always have some of these option's of course.

    I can say that I have never had back trouble from carrying before. I most of the time carry my Kimber Ultra CDP, aluminum frame, very light at 23oz unloaded and with my Mitch Rosen belt and a Max-Con V I forget it is even there at all most of the time. If you don't like Ultra's go with something larger in the aluminum or a Glock or similar if you have to.

    So I would recommend a lighter weapon too for carry, a good gun belt and holster and your problems are solved IMO with the carry method with a set up like this. It will dramatically reduce the carry load in all day wear, your normal back pain from injury will no doubt still be there but that's life I guess.

    Just think how Evil Kenivel wakes up everyday! that can't be fun at all.

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    I also have back pain. I tried a shoulder holster and it gave me shoulder pain, so went back to a good belt holster and belt, seemed to be better.
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    I ruptured my L4-L5 disc and herniated the L5-S1 through a combination of lifting too much weight (3,000 Kgs a day as a press operator) and a 9 hour road trip ... not fun! 6 years later I finally got the real diagnosis and got to enjoy a 5 hour surgery to repair what they could. I agree with QK, avoid the surgery if you can - I couldn't.

    My current primary carry piece is a S&W 642 (.38spl.+p Centennial) usually carried iwb. At 15oz. it's pretty easy on the back unless it gets too close to my scars. I just bought a 5" SA Mil-Spec and plan to use that for CCW as well once I get the bugs worked out - might need to go with an OWB pancake holster though. A real gun belt and quality holster make all the difference in the world - that's true with ANY carry weapon but even more so as you move up to full weight service weapons.

    The short answer is: You'll never know if the fullsize 1911 is right for YOUR CCW until you try it - if it isn't, there are plenty of other options out there that will make concealed carry possible without excessive back pain.

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    When I first started out in LE work my duty belt was crammed full of stuff and I carried my wallet's (personal & ID) along with wearing a vest. It did not take very long before all of this stuff combined started to wreck my back. The solution was free weight training and reduction of weight on my duty belt. The next step taken after receiving some advice from one of the then "old-timers" was to stop carrying my wallets when I am driving. I know that sounds odd, but when I stopped carrying the wallets it was a tremendous help. I guess my spine was in better alignment when seated/driving. If I do not pack a pistol on my belt when off duty it feels like I am going to tip over from lack of counter weight! :)

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    Walking across the street almost a year ago, I was hit by a car, ended up with L1, L2, L4 broken. Still hurts. Was even carrying at the time.

    My days of carrying a large handgun are past me because of that. I am carrying a Glock 26 now, mostly in a Galco Miami Classic. gary Brommeland is currently making me a rig that he assures will make it easier for me to carry on belt again.

    I know IWB carry is pretty much out for me now. I tried it yesterday with this 26, and even that little bit of gun was too much for me. (You were right as usual Gary).
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    After having 3 back surgeries, and being told "you just have to live with it" I do. Driving on long trips I avoid a IWB cause of the pressure it puts on my back. When I switched to a good paddle holster (put on, take off quick between stops) the pain ended. I then switch to iwb when upright and walking. You have to try different things. I have a good size leather graveyard because of trying lots of different holsters to fit me!
    Recently I found a slimmer 1911 (even though heavier) works better than a thick double stack Glock when carring in a IWB. It just carries better and I have less strain on my belt, and on my back with the single stack 1911.

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