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This is a discussion on Your carry decision within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have lived and worked in 16 countries. I know what it is like to live under fools and tyrants. I've seen helpless peoples with ...

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Thread: Your carry decision

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    I have lived and worked in 16 countries. I know what it is like to live under fools and tyrants. I've seen helpless peoples with out the ability to defend themselves. I have friends who live in the US now from Communist countries and the first thing they do is buy a gun because it is a symbol of Freedom to them.

    Another reason, I have put away some very bad people down in Texas who have promised to visit me after they get out.

    I think we have to accept that most sheep will never be comfortable around the sheep dogs. We must just move along, be vigil and put our trust in The Lord!

    God Bless
    Lions, Tigers, Bears and MTGun! Oh My!

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    My Reason

    I used to be of the opinion "Hell, I have to die someday, so ain't nobody doin nutthin to me".

    Then I met and married a wonderful lady and now my opinion is :"stay around to look out for, protect and take care of her"

    Ain't love grand?

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    I carry because of an actual incident. My last employer was involved with a certain group of people, and I was made to find out certain information regarding a certain now deceased individual. Infact the deceased became so the afternoon after I was given said information.

    Needless to say I found out that the government has no obligation to protect me or my wife. I was told by the state AG to move change my name and profession - he thought it was true, but could never do anything about it (politically connected). I who never broke a law am supposed to change my life.

    I've since been followed, and actually threatened. I refuse to change my name (I try to be relatively anonymous). I've been working formyself since, cause I've been unable to find a real job (and I've gone mostly broke).

    It took me 18 months of trying to get the NRA course, apply and get my permit - thats a long time.
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    As we've already established, I'm an aussie.

    In my younger days (NOT ANYMORE!!) I used be on the periphery of a rough crowd, and as a result was very very rarely, if ever not armed... not because I wanted to be a tough guy, but because I have seen the level of violence that teens who wander the streets, drunk or drug affected, night and day, in absolutely every possible place in the city, are capeable of.

    Be it a set of polycarbonate 'knux' on a keyring, a knife concealed in a pen at school, or even, perhaps, a jaguar balisong on my belt, eversince I was around 14, I was usually armed in one way or another, but never with a firearm. The concept of carrying a firearm in Australia for the purpose of defending oneself is totally alien. Because of the strictness of our firearms laws, a glock bought on the black market is a symbol of being a powerful gangster, with prices being around the 3-4k mark. The main threat comes from the roving gangs of kids, on their way to parties or nowhere in particular, armed with box cutters, larger knives, or most commonly, the heavy steel push bar off a shopping trolley (better known to kids here as a trolley pole). As a 16 year old, I watched a birthday party degenerate into a full blown street brawl, with one youth wading into the middle swinging a meat cleaver. He seriously injured three or four people, and managed to cut himself with it as well. The only people who weren't attacked are myself and a small minority of friends who chose to stay behind me, with me standing in front spinning my balisong. The deterrent was more than enough.

    I got myself in bad trouble as a 17 year old (not related to carrying), and as a result, I stopped carrying weapons. But situations in my current and previous workplace have dictated a need to revert to the old ways.

    "I'd rather be caught with it than caught without one"

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