First time carrying

This is a discussion on First time carrying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So a few days ago me and my sister finally got our permits in the mail. Took 4 weeks after paperwork and fingerprints, i have ...

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Thread: First time carrying

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    First time carrying

    So a few days ago me and my sister finally got our permits in the mail. Took 4 weeks after paperwork and fingerprints, i have been carrying everyday since. It was actually weird the first few times walking into a store or when i went to the movies with friends. Im constantly worrying about people seeing it or watching out for signs while walking into places. I feel like i stop outside the door and start looking around for one and my friends just look confused. Does it get better looking for these things? All together its been great and im so glad my sister has a gun because she goes to school in a very bad area. I never thought i could get comfortable carrying a loaded .45 on me, but wow it def becomes natural feeling. Now i just gotta find a better holster

    *oh and where can you go to get these laminated?

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    you can go to any wal mart and they'll laminate your permit.
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    It won't take too long before you start relaxing and it won't feel so strange to you anymore!
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    One of the benefits of conceal carry is the heightened sense of self awareness that comes along with it.
    I'm still waiting on my CPL, but I do wear my holster everyday, to break-in the leather and to get used to keeping it under cover. My S/A is even better than it was before. I notice other people a lot more too and sometimes wonder if other people are carrying based on clothing, movements, and body position.
    I've tested my holster with most of the clothing I wear on a daily basis and only one shirt has been a problem.
    I've always watched like you do, just part of my normal self awareness habits I had for years, entering or exiting a building or vehicle I always take a look, but I find I'm "seeing" even more.
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    I got mine done at Staples.

    You must be pretty cute, if folks are paying all that much attention to you all the time, such that they'd notice whether or not there's a bulge where there oughtn't be.

    You got yours in the mail??? What county are you in? I've only heard of people having to show up at the clerk's office to pick them up in person. And even though I practice law in that court, and the folks all know me, they checked my driver's license against the permit to make sure it was really me before they'd hand me the permit.
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    You'll get used to carrying, a time will come when if you're not armed, you'll feel weird and uncomfortable.
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    Congrats, and welcome to a newer sense of security!
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    My circuit court laminated mine....for free!

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    You'll get used to it and your "scan" for posted signs will become faster and less noticeable. Once you know what the sign looks like you'll scan really quickly for it in the parking lot so that you know before leaving the car!

    Congrats on the permit!
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    I got mine in the mail (hampton roads) though they've since stopped doing that.
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    Congrats and be safe!
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    Congrats on the permit...

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    Congrats!! Never leave home without it. The feeling of added security is unlike any other.

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    You will get used to carrying, soon you'll feel undressed without it.
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