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Dress and a CCW

This is a discussion on Dress and a CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I live in the south east myself and I have not had to change my attire because I carry. I can carry OWB with my ...

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Thread: Dress and a CCW

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    I live in the south east myself and I have not had to change my attire because I carry.

    I can carry OWB with my Side Guard holster and wear jeans and a t shirt. No problem. I can wear the Kholster with shorts and a t shirt. No problem. This is a tuckable option too.

    I think the "get a new wardrobe/dress around the gun" is much ado about nothing for the most part. I could see a problem if you're gonna carry a full size 1911. I dont so I dont have a problem.

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    Try FIST Holsters

    They have different attachemnt options that compeletly hide the holster
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    +1 on IWB, I carry the Comp-Tac M-TAC with my XDm. The XDm is neither compact or thin; not very easy to conceal. I've tucked a cotton t-shirt over mine and had it absolutely disappear. If I had an opportunity to wear a suit while carrying, I would think a cotton undershirt tucked over the weapon with a buttondown on top of that (also tucked) would work very well. Draw may be a bit slow, but that's the trade off of deep concealment.
    As far as things staying tucked, I've ridding my motorcycle with the XDm tucked under a t-shirt with a leather jacket on top. The jacket rides up while I'm in a riding position, exposing the small of my back. I was petrified that my shirt would untuck, exposing the weapon to any vehicle behind me - I naturally checked AS SOON as I reached my destination and everything was still in-place, tucked, and concealed.
    Also, Comp-tac makes "C" hooks, they ride on the top and bottom of the belt, but do not go all the way down. As such, they're not easily noticable.
    Hard to beat in my book. YMMV.
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    I carry alternately, an M1911, a Browning High Power, a Glock 19, a Glock 22, and a S&W 3" Model 65, all in Don Hume 715M IWBs. They're not designed to be "tuckable", yet tuck surprisingly well.

    My typical office attire is a tucked polo shirt (I NEVER wear untucked shirts, except to exercise) and jeans or dress slacks. I just tuck my shirt in as usual, except I blouse the right side of my shirt under so that it looks just like the left side. This works VERY well and is not apparently noticeable to the great unwashed.

    The nice thing about the 715Ms is that they're both well made and very reasonably priced, especially from Gunner's Alley.

    I wouldn't mind having something like a Super Tuck, but I got two 715Ms for the price of one specifically "tuckable" holster.

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    +2 with swaggs. I have an Mtac Minatour and the C-clips work great. Even with a dress shirt I can tuck in around my Mtac and G23 and I doubt very seriously anyone has ever noticed.

    Heck, I can even wear it with a pair of draw string shorts and Tee shirt and know one can see it.

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    IWB Don Hume Leathergoods H715-M T.B. holster works for me.
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    When I don't have the option of a cover garment, I carry my LCP or 642 in a pocket holster. Works for me most everywhere. When I can get by with a cover garment, I have one of my Glocks in an Mtac, or other IWB holster.
    Smart carry may also work for you. I have one, but rarely use it. Tucking does not do it for me.

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    I carry a Steyr MA1 on 40 S&W. I generally wear a tucked in shirt. I use a Blade-Tech IWB Ultra Concealment Holster (UCH). I have never been made with this holster and I have worn this model for years. In the photo it show the position of the gun but normally the shirt is tucked in and it stays tucked. The only thing visible is the black belt clip/loop.
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    I love my 1911 but just can't seem to dress around it when the weather does not allow for a pullover sweater. I wear slacks everyday for work and have found that a S&W 642 disappears nicely in a pocket holster.

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    I live in the coastal southeast and I use the MTAC and I also pocket carry. The MTAC can be used and a jacket or untucked camp shirt covers it nicely. You can also tuck your shirt with it, too. I carry a Glock 26 or a Glock 30.

    I also carry a Kel-Tec PF-9 in my front pocket using a cheap nylon pocket holster. It is a very thin 9mm so your pants don't have to be real baggy.

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    I just purchased a belly band from the NRA store. It works great with both the XD 45 4" Compact and the XD 40 3" Subcompact. This method gives you another option to consider. I'm thinking it will work great for a long road trip while driving.
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    Front pocket carry works great for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    I am now experimenting with a shoulder rig under my suits and IWB options for more casual attire such as dress slacks and a polo. I live in the Southeast, so warm, humid weather is on tap most of the year.
    Most of the CHP folk I know have a shoulder rig in a box somewhere we never use.

    Quote Originally Posted by MadMac View Post
    I guess I'm looking for ideas from guys that need to be around others most of the day in business and social settings and (for better or worse) needs to look "professional".

    I'm not putting anyone down, it's simply my world, and I wouldn't dare show up even in my own house wearing an untucked plaid shirt or baggy denim vest.

    How deep cover?? Wearing what??

    A good belt holster works for me in a sports jacket, wind breaker, etc.

    A shirt "tucker" works for me in button front shirt sleeves.

    A Smart Carry works in slacks and golf shirt, shorts and tee, etc.

    BTW: See the the thread something like "How many holsters do you have?". Most of us go through a few before we find what works best for us individually. Good luck on your experimenting.
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    I'm in Texas and Idaho, and wear a "tuxedo" shoulder harness. No one at work knows. I do not however have to wear a suit (thankfully), but do wear button up shirts over hanes T's. NOT tucked in. My office is business casual so this works. With a smaller pistol it's very easy to conceal.
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    I read the title of the thread (Dress and a CCW) and thought you were needing advice when wearing a dress.

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