Which for carry

Which for carry

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Thread: Which for carry

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    Which for carry

    I always seem to run into all kinds of guys at the range. I was out shooting a glock 21 and two 1911's all 45ACP. When a couple of other younger guys come out. They had some 40cal's A g23 and a khar. We got to talking they were telling me (The old guy) that 45 acp is old school these days that I should bet a 40 then I would really have a peace maker. 40cal is the best for carry as a SD gun. I said oh why's that? The answer because almost every cop carries 40.

    I want to start a poll not for cal war because either one is a great SD cal.

    So my poll question What CAl. is your preferred carry?
    Sorry I forgot to list 10mm and some others but I got the most common I think.

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    40 cal.

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    I carry .40 S&W, but I'm not going to say it's right for you.

    I picked the largest caliber that I can shoot well, and also had a decent capacity. Shot placement is more important than caliber with modern ammunition. A lot of people have been going from .45 to a smaller caliber in favor of higher capacity.

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    .357 Mag.
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    You didn't put the revolver calibers in there. From the choices you gave, I'd go with .45 as a personal preference. You have to decide what gun fits you better. Choose the caliber based on performance and what feature is more important to you (gun size, round capacity, gun weight, gun/ammo costs, repair/parts costs, etc).
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    i've always wanted a .45 so i got one as a carry, i dont think it has much recoil at all. My father doesnt like it too much so he wants a .40. My sister doesnt like either, so she got a .38spl.
    Everyone likes what feels best to them.

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    .357 sig
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    I carry a S&W M&Pc 9mm. I chose it because I can shoot a 9mm well, it has a larger capacity (especially in the compact) and 9mm is cheaper. I also have a S&W 357 mag at home. I load it with 38 +P, the mag is really fun to shoot, but is a little too much recoil for me.
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    i'm a .40 cal guy...but that doesn't mean that nothing else is ok...
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    I carry a .45 now and love it. my next gun is a .40, there are pros and cons to each
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    Doesn't matter much. It's all about shot placement. I carry a .40 but wouldn't mind a .45.

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    3 out of 4 of my carry guns are 9mm.
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    Most people will tell you that the best caliber is the one they shoot. Often the rationale is nothing more than they don't want anyone to think that they made a "bad" choice. Or they have little experience with any other caliber.

    I'm of the opinion that while size matters, more important is shot placement. After all, it ain't the depth of the well or the length of the rope that counts. It's the way you dangle the bucket. A very well placed .22 will do more to stop a BG than a miss with a .50cal. But most of all, a well placed 230gr JHP will tend to mess up a BG's weekend. I've narrowed my two carry choices down to .45 and 9mm. I practice with those calibers, and I carry those calibers the greatest majority of the time. (Sometimes, when there's no other choice, I will carry a .25cal "belly" gun just so I have something). But that's my choice, and I don't feel smart enough or qualified to criticize someone who makes a different choice.

    If someone remarks that you've made a mistake or poor choice by carry "x" caliber, let them go ahead and think that. You have to choose what makes you comfortable; not what makes someone else comfortable. I kinda like Mark Twain's view - and I apologize for the lousy paraphrase in advance. "Far better to keep your mouth shut and allow people to think you are ignorant than to open your mouth, thereby erasing all doubt." When someone arbitrarily tells you that you've chosen the wrong caliber, gun, holster, carry position ad nauseum, they have just erased all doubt.

    My 2 centavos, YMMV.
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    [QUOTE=Jessie;1022898] I said oh why's that? The answer because almost every cop carries 40.


    Thats a riot. I guess everyone has to have some kind of a foundation for what makes them believe something is superior.

    I do admit, I carry .40 caliber the vast majority of the time. I have my reasons, as some have read on here, but the biggest reason is becaus it is a caliber that I like, can control, and I can put the bullet where I want it.

    Not everyone can do that. My wife doesn't like my G23, but she loves her G19 (9mm equivalent), and she is deadly accurate with it. Thats great, and thats what she needs to be with whatever gun she uses.

    I also happen to like 10mm, and think it is a very superior caliber, but an even smaller segment of people can control it effectively in the platforms that are available today. That makes it a poor choice for many people.
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