Taking CHL Class - Texas

Taking CHL Class - Texas

This is a discussion on Taking CHL Class - Texas within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello Friends I'm very curious. I'm taking CHL class next week in texas. What will it going to be out there ? I know shooting ...

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Thread: Taking CHL Class - Texas

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    Smile Taking CHL Class - Texas

    Hello Friends

    I'm very curious. I'm taking CHL class next week in texas. What will it going to be out there ? I know shooting test of course. What about written test ? If possible, do yall know what question they will ask ? Will it be easy to pass ? What kind of ammo should I bring to class ? I just want to be preparing before I go out there. Any advice ?

    Thank you

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    It is an easy test. Pay attention in class and you will be fine.
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    Bring 100 rds of fmj ammo and you'll be fine.

    bps is right, show up, pay attention and you'll do well.
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    +1 on the pay attention and you'll be fine. You should get a class on the law itself, e. g. where you can and cannot carry plus a good section on conflict avoidance.

    Take 50 rds of any ammunition that works well in your carry arm. If you take a revolver you'll be limited to carrying only a revolver so the best bet is to take a semi-auto to qualify.

    Go with an open mind and a good attitude. Most of the classes seem to be fun if you give the instructor a chance.

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    Qualification is fun, 50 rounds, five round intervels with various patterns of fire.....listen carefully to instructor on how fire the five shots. SOme time it's 1,2,3 pause 1,2......1,2 pause 1,2,3...or all five shots in 7 seconds, things like that.

    Class is long 9hrs, but with the right instructor it is informing and entertaining.

    Major part of the class will include several videos, also go over the current concealed hangun laws for Texas, and possible scenerios. Will cover the questions and answers that will be on da test, then take the test ('bout 50 questions) I made a 100...if I can, I'm sure you will have no problem.

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    pay attention and have fun.
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    The qualification is 50 rounds. The course is required to be 10 hours. As far as things to bring, the only thing you really need is your fee for the class. The instructor should take care of your passport photo, notary services, and finger prints. He should walk you through the package and you should leave with a package ready to be mailed.

    If your instructor doesn't provide all of those services, think about choosing a different instructor.

    If you happened to fill out an electronic form at the DPS website, bring that in so you will have your application number.

    The written test is fairly simple and will be over the items discussed in your class. Nobody really has a problem with either the written portion or the shooting portion.

    As said above, even if you plan on carrying a revolver, you should probably qualify with a semi-auto so as not to limit future options.

    If you have hearing protection, eye protection, ammo and your own firearm you should be good to go. If you don't, you can rent what you need at the range.

    Good luck!
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    When I got my CHL, the presenter did a powerpoint presentation with "need-to-know" information that just 'happened' to be on the exam in a similar order. Coincidence?
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    it's so easy...cavemen pass regularly

    I took the class for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The instructor reviewed the group of people doing renewals (1/2 day required) which in turn exposed the rest of the group to "test type questions". Basically answer the most politically correct and common sense answer to get it right.

    As far as shooting, as long as you make all your shots from 5 yards and 7 yards within the scoring rings, you can miss all of your 15 yard shots and still pass.

    The class is a learning experience to be enjoyed with an open mind. There is no need to worry about it.

    I would wish you good luck, you won't need it.

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    The shooting is easy... blind and one armed you could pass (and half in the bag too I'd imagine - not that I condone mixing the two!)

    The test is nearly as easy if you can pay attention to the lecture/videos/Powerpoint (or however else the instructor presents the material)... They spend 10 hours (minus range time) grilling into you exactly what is on the test - it should be a breeze. I shot a 232 out of 250 and scored 100 on the written test...

    Pay attention and stay cheerful and it'll be a great day.
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    There are actually things taught that are worth learning. So, try to pay attention to the message as well, and not focus solely on the written test.

    I would characterize the written test as somewhat more difficult than a driver's written exam; and about right for any adult of very average intellectual ability. No trick questions. Straight forward. You will be given all of the information you need during the lectures, and if the instructor is worth anything, it will have been said several times over.

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    Like all the others have said, just pay attention in class and you will do just fine. Most can pass the test without taking the class, IMHO. As far as ammo just bring 50 rds of what you take to the range with you. Good luck and enjoy. You will do just fine.
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    As others have said, it's pretty straight forward. If your interested, here's a link to the handgun laws booklet they will hand out and teach from.

    Concealed Handgun Laws
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    TX-JB beat me to it! Know the publication at the link he posted, and you'll pass the test easily! As a matter of fact, you should know everything in that book regardless of if they test you on it or not!

    By the way, the 2007-2008 edition is still good!

    As for the qualification portion, if you can't pass that then you shouldn't be carrying a handgun!

    Cheers! M2

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    Not sure is anyone touched on this, but are you taking the test with a Revolver or a Semi-Auto? It makes a difference later as to what you can carry. If you use SA, you can carry either; if you use a revolver, you can only carry a revolver.
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