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Idiot in Gun Store

This is a discussion on Idiot in Gun Store within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Whenever I'm down in Grand Junction, CO, I always stop in at the Sportsman's Warehouse to see what new stuff they might have. A couple ...

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Thread: Idiot in Gun Store

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    Whenever I'm down in Grand Junction, CO, I always stop in at the Sportsman's Warehouse to see what new stuff they might have. A couple weeks ago, while at SW, I saw a real nice Yaqui Slide holster for an H&K USPc .40.

    I was wearing my EDC (H&K P2000) and thought that the holster might fit it.

    With the holster, I went over to the clerk & and said:
    "Say, I'm carrying a pistol that I think this holster might fit. Would you have any problem with me checking that right now. If you don't want me to, I'll understand."
    "No problem." the clerk said.

    We went down to the end of the counter, where there were no customers; I removed the mag, cleared the round in the chamber & handed it to him at slide lock. He examined it and handed it back to me. I then closed the slide and put in in the Yaqui. it fit nicely.

    I reholstered my now empty pistol, paid for the new holster at the front register and left. I went to me car where I reloaded my pistol. I don't think anyone noticed the entire transaction.
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    People pull guns out in pawn and gun shops all the time. I've taken mine out numerous times to show a feature, ask a question, try a holster, etc. And, it doesn't matter if this guy's gun was in a holster or not, or even if it was loaded or not. He handled it safely, didn't wave it around, didn't point it at anyone. Sounds to me like no big deal, except you freaked out and started yelling at the guy and blowing it out of proportion. You're lucky your reaction didn't start something. If it had been me I'd have told you in no uncertain terms where to go and how to get there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradyM77 View Post
    Thanks for all the posts and after much thought I have to agree that my reaction was over the top and I very well could have escalated the situation.
    In answer to some of the questions I was less than a foot away stooped over ogling the XDM in the display. When I looked over he unzipped his pocket (hoodie pocket going across stomach with entrance on either side), and pulled out his pistol less than two feet from my head. So I got a good look at it and fully believe it was loaded and know for a fact that he had no holster.
    I should have just walked out at that point but my adrenaline got the best of me.
    So, are we to understand that you actually saw it in his pocket, before he reached in to pull it out?

    One thing. He should have cleared immediately after drawing it, regardless if was loaded or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by theghostrider View Post
    So, are we to understand that you actually saw it in his pocket, before he reached in to pull it out?
    Yes, I was stooped over looking in the display case while he stood about a foot away on my left side. I looked over when he started unzipping his right side pocket. I saw him reach in and pull his pistol about two feet from my head. It was sitting upside down with the barrel pointing away from me when he grabbed it.
    And also I didn't yell at the guy, I spoke in a normal tone when I called him out on his pulling his pistol. I'm not defending what I did, in hindsight I should have just walked out.
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    What would any of you do if somebody pulls a loaded gun out of there pocket at your GS?
    At the gun shop I frequent, that gets you ejected. But, if someone did that and they didn't get asked to leave, I would leave.
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    What's the big deal here? The old guy was talking to the store clerk and then pulled a weapon from his zippered pocket and demonstrated the laser to the clerk after which he returned the weapon to the zippered pocket. You provide no synopsis of the conversation but call his actions stupid. I think you should lighten up before you have a stroke.

    Sorry, but I don't see anything stupid with the actions you describe. In fact it seems you had more of a reaction then the clerk directly involved. You were in a gun store weren't you? Now if you were in a bank and described this same exchange I might agree that it was stupid. In this case I think you were over reacting.

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    I think at this point it is safe to say the OP realizes that he may have over reacted - however anytime ANY ONE pulls a gun out that I dont personally know my radar bumps up to the next level, I move from code yellow to code orange. Until they prove otherwise I have to assume that the gun MAY turn into a threat. Pat on the back to the OP for having his radar on. Better to have some kind of reaction than not notice it like a sheep, now the only thing left is to work on controlling that reaction.
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    "NO LOADED HANDGUNS" means squat in my state. Don't draw the weapon though. Not much use in CC if everyone knows you are carrying so like the other stuff in your pants, keep it there.

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    Its a gun store and pivate property so certainly nothing illegal going on here IMO. Is it the best example of gun, but as long as he is not waving a loaded gun around I am not overly concerned but I would just keep an eye on the situation (radar up a notch) and leave if I started to feel uncomfortable with his actions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BradyM77 View Post
    I should have just walked out at that point but my adrenaline got the best of me.
    Been their done that, it's a bitter pill but walking away is better.
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    I think maybe you should have said something to the counter guy rather than the older gentleman. Kudos for paying attention though. I probably would have just left the area and watched from a distance.

    IMO, the gentleman with the pocket pistol violated gun handling ethics and his common sense was on vacation. Anyone who is legally carrying concealed should never present a weapon from its concealed location in public unless you intend to use it. We discuss this all the time here in the forums. If you are going to a gun store and there is a remote possibility that you need to show your gun, it should be cleared in your vehicle, placed in a gun rug or case and then enter the store. Even though the gun is unloaded and cased, still, the proper procedure should be to "ask" the counter person if you can open the case and remove the weapon. Always show "clear" anytime you pick up a gun.

    This is how I would have handled it. Safety should have been the first priority here and it was obviously ignored.
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    Maybe the old guy put it in his pocket to take it into the store unloaded and still had his EDC under his sweatshirt.
    You don't know Brady. Sound like you flew off the handle not knowing all the facts. Chill out guy. Carrying a weapon is supposed to make you calmer, not panic at shadows.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post
    1. I'm in a store that sells handguns.
    2. Let's say there is no sign stating NO LOADED HANDGUNS.
    3. I am carrying a pistol legally and it is loaded (its my EDC).
    4. The clerk and I are discussing something about the pistol.
    5. I ask if he wants to see it.
    6. He says OK.
    7. I produce the pistol, and keep it pointed at the floor.
    8. I show him the serial number, finish, laser, proof mark, whatever.
    9. I put the pistol back where I had been keeping it,(pocket,pouch, whatever).

    ? Is there something wrong here? This is after all, a place that buys and sells handguns.

    I agree. Who knows what the conversation between the guy who pulled the gun and the clerk/owner - but maybe the clerk/owner desired to see it - maybe the guy ask if he could show the laser. It sounds like he kept / handled the gun in a safe manner. It would appear there would have been more handling of the firearm if he went through all the unloading / reloading steps just to show the laser. I know many people that carry the Kel-Tec .380 with no holster. I personally do not see an issue with this if it is in a pocket where nothing else is inserted - the pocket is your holster at that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandit383 View Post
    Actually, you assumed it was loaded because he pointed it at the ground...
    He knew it was loaded because all guns are always loaded - period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C9H13NO3 View Post
    Depends on the circumstances. ... drew his loaded weapon, removed the magazine, cleared it, and let me handle it. I didn't see anything wrong with it, as he handed it to me in a cleared condition, but he was pulling out a loaded gun. I'd expect the same from anyone else.

    Why was he pulling it out and turning on the laser? Was he showing it to someone? If so, I think he probably should have unloaded and cleared it before handling it, but that would be my only complaint. If he was just playing with it for no reason, pretty stupid.

    I have drawn my loaded weapon, removed the magazine, and cleared it any number of times. I have seen others do it, also -- employees and customers.

    About the only thing I would add is to be sure the employees and others around you know that you are going to do it.

    Drawing a weapon suddenly and w/o prior notice is a good way to get shot, in this neck of the woods.
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