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"I spoke to the guys at the gun shop and they said the vast majority taking the class will never return for the 5 free range visits they give everyone taking the class. That's really sad, because most of them were first timers."

You raise an excellent point. I was amazed by how many people in my class had never even touched a firearm prior to that day. The shooting standards are so low that it's virtually impossible to fail. One person actually screamed after every shot....lol. I'd like to see the basic marksmanship portion of the class be much longer and more intensive. I left the class feeling that most of my fellow students knew just enough to be a public menace.
I find this truly amazing. I would love the opportunity for 5 free range visits. I don't see why they wouldn't want to take the time to practice with their chosen handguns. I practiced with my G26 two visits prior to having to qualify for my CFP. I would think that people that would be carrying concealed would make a point of practicing with the gun they will be carrying. But that's only my humble opinion.

I still wouldn't want to be near one of these people who don't regularly practice at the range on a regular basis. I recall reading that even police officers actually hit their intended targets only 17% of the time. Imagine these people who rarely visit a gun range? Scary!!