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Oh I wish we could CCW in Wisconsin......

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Thread: Oh I wish we could CCW in Wisconsin......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gun Bunny View Post
    Excellent advice...and, why would anyone want to shovel snow?
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    digging this back up...

    I moved TO wisconsin... from MI, i started a thread last june/july about making the move, and i came out here because of work. from what i have seen, the people are not very anti-gun, the governor is. Guess who is also increasing the background checks for handguns from 8$ to 30$... he wants a bunch of money, but fails to see that CCW permits would generate a good chunk of change.

    A bill is moving forward for the the Castle Doctrine to pass, im still technically a MI resident until my job becomes permanent, or a year passes, but I sent a letter to the 19th district senator for where i live, and got a letter back and he showed his support for the bill and thinks its time for WI to adopt these laws.

    I dont know what it takes for someone to come up with a CCW bill, or how often it is allowed to bring up, but honestly, the governor is pretty much my only complaint. (included is no conceal carry which happened because the governor is a duecher)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    Sure seems funny to me that a state that probably has more shotguns per capita is so anti-carry!

    It's the Governor that veto's the bill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuttin Edge View Post
    It has actually attempted to past 2x - cc - but our wonderful governor has vetoed it....

    I completely agree that as one member said earlier - Wisconsin probably has the highest number of guns per residents...but for some reason - the state is so anti - cc..

    Long guns here are dime a dozen - and practically no laws against them, buying them, etc. And no wait period. But hand guns - heck, we may as well be part of Canada!

    Maybe with a new governor in 2010 ???

    I have been told that CC is not a felony here - just a misdemeanor....but needless to say, still don't want to go down that route....

    Ooops - update on above.

    Just read - the guy who was carrying open (in his backyard mind you) was found NOT Guilty - wo ho!
    Do you have enough state legislators who are supportive of CCW that can over-ride the governor's veto?

    This is what happened in Missouri. The governor vetoed and our state congressmen/women had enough support to over-ride the veto.

    Are the majority of voters anti-gun? Or is it just your governor?

    Perhaps enough people could start a petition drive. Organize some protests at your state capital.

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    I doubt people in the other 48 states would know that feeling. I am willing to bet that the majority of people in New Jersey, Maryland, California, New York, Iowa, and Massachusetts will never get to know that feeling. From my understanding it is very hard, although not impossible, to get a carry permit. It is a misnomer to say that they are able to carry a firearm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    Cut Madison out, and WI is a pretty good state.
    And a good portion of Milwaukee as well...politicaly speeking.

    Quote Originally Posted by Davensquirt View Post
    Funny thing about it was that there were a few leglislators who drafted the bill for Wisconsin CCW and it would have passed if the Governor wouldn't have threatened the political careers of the individuals who drafted and supported the bill. We all know this, due to the individual changing his vote from Yes to NO upon the final vote. We thought it was wierd when the individual who drafted the bill changed his vote to NO, go figure. Pressure, what pressure
    Yup, it was one of my [Edited] reps. Had a conversation after it happened...pathetic individual.
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    Politicians, property taxes, price of gasoline, and no ccw is why I moved four hours south of Wisconsin to Iowa. Its is (believe it or not) warmer here. I have half the property taxes and twice the house. Plus I can CCW. I say get out of there if you can!

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    i agree, I actually avoid going into wisconsin. for example I was selling a truck so I straight up tell the person if you want to look at my truck you gotta come in MN, I wont take my gun off to go there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeefyBeefo View Post
    Move. That's what I did (former Illinois resident here).
    Move. That's what I did (former New Jersey resident here).

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