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Knife Attack in Bar

This is a discussion on Knife Attack in Bar within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Can't carry in bars here in MO...even if I were to be armed with a hangun in this type of situation, I wouldn't draw it. ...

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Thread: Knife Attack in Bar

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    Can't carry in bars here in MO...even if I were to be armed with a hangun in this type of situation, I wouldn't draw it. For one thing, I wouldn't want to be shooting with many people around...too much chance of hitting the wrong person. For another, you don't know whether or not the guy has six buddies that are going to "dogpile" you. If that were to happen, you might not be able to maintain control of your weapon. Personally I'd probably just try to get out of there.

    If I felt the need to intervene in that situation, one of the readily available pool-cues, chairs, or beer bottles would do nicely.

    Just a guess, when it says the kid was "also injured in the fight," I pretty sure that means that the other bouncers probably "tripped" over him a few times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kompact9
    drunks can do some really stupid things. They're similar to poison ivy, avoid them if possible.

    Well said...
    As a recovering alchoholic, I know first hand the damage alchohol can do. I try to avoid all contact with it and rely on God to help with the rest. His grace and wisdom are far greater than my own.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott
    Not a lot of info. However no CCW in bars where I live or in states where I carry. So I would be an unarmed bystander. That makes me a witness. Seems the bouncer gave it to the minor pretty good (in the hospital), so it would seem he didn't need further assistance.

    So can you guys in Minnesota carry in bars?

    GREAT food for thought Scott!..... ....CCW in a Bar, and anything happens, MIGHT also put you in the slammer.. I know we all want to protect ourselves at all times, BUT the Cardinal Rule is "Guns and Alcohol don't mix".... .......Personally, if I ever go to a bar, ( I rarely drink) I am not carrying my weapon. Maybe some other type of protection device, Pepper spray maybe, but never my handgun.
    A restaraunt atmosphere is very different though, and if I can I will CCW. I know most State laws might be different in this case, and allow you that option, but when you're facing a LEO, who is right in the fracus, and finds you're CCWing........he/ they're apt to include you in the mix..
    I'd rather be a witness, than be part of the problem..
    Just my .02 worth here..
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    #1- In CT. you can not CCW in any establishment that serves liquor!
    #2- The altercation did not involve me or my family directly so I stay clear!
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