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Thread: Transitioning

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    How did you transition into the concealed carry crowd. Was it gradual? Or did you instantly start carrying everyday all day as soon as you were legal?

    Just curious!

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    If you have your carry liscense strap something on and don't disarm until you go to bed. When you are at rest be sure the weapon is close enough for you to grab at a moments notice. You can't afford to gradually protect yourself. Also, it's important to use a good holster of some kind.
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    Instant of course!

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    When I got my permit I was transitioning from the Army. I was used to people shooting at me. That trend continued in civilian life for a while, but that is another story. The point for me is, do or do not. The middle ground will foster habits that may put you in more danger than either side of the issue.

    We are all in more danger when people carry that do not get training and practice.

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    Don't know the laws in your neck of teh woods, but in NC a person can carry on their property without concern, no matter if the property is a apt. or several hundred acres. That is a good way to develop the mindset, processes and evaluate equipment (belt, holster, retention levels and such). When you have visitors see if you can tell from their reactions if they have spotted you carrying, do not tell them that you are, bad form you know.
    Once you get your permit you will have established habits and conditioning that will allow you to pass fairly unnoticed. Select the lightest weapon in the largest caliber you can accurately shoot, buy a quality belt (dual thickness) of at least 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches in width and a quality holster whose slots match the belt width. Practice at least weekly and compete in IDPA. Repeat as often as necessary and you will have a lot of fun.

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    It took about 4 weeks to get the CCDW so I had time to prepare. I had my weapon (S&W 442 .38 special) a pocket holster and ammo. Went to the court house to pick up the permit went back to my car went home a got the Smith and headed to Wally World. Fun day!
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    EDC pending training and regular IDPA, though a famous holster maker (initials, MR - don't want to start a he-said-no-I-didn't) says that IDPA tactics will get you killed on the street - hence the training. There are prohibitions at work, and I may return to a "may issue" i.e., "no issue" state, and I am law abiding. So, I guess that my personal goal is to be a carry expert but not EDC until the stars align for me. I do very well and regularly at the range.
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    Back when I got my very first license to carry concealed Pennsylvania was not "Shall Issue" - it was a "May Issue" State.

    Back then I did my "firearm and accessory shopping" in the same shop where the Sheriff & County Deputies shopped for their stuff.

    My job was located real close to that establishment and I used to go down there during my lunch and talk guns.

    Back then if you were a "Known Individual" - AKA you knew somebody that the Sheriff also knew and trusted - that person would vouch for you and you would then get your License To Carry Concealed "right quick" and without the usual red tape.
    So as soon as I was legally old enough to carry I was told to: "Hey...Go Over And Get Yer Concealed Carry License!"
    And so I did.

    That PA LTC was just a plain white sheet of cut typewriter paper with your name address etc. on it and it was signed by the Sheriff.
    There sure was nothing official looking or fancy about it.
    You had to be real careful that it didn't get wet or sweaty and disintegrate.

    That flimsy piece of paper sure did mean the world to me though.

    I bought a well used leather rig from a Pittsburgh detective the day after I got that first PA LTC "in hand" & I've been carrying a firearm ever since.

    I fell right into carrying a firearm as natural as breathing.
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    I havent got my permit yet... Should be here in 15 days but I bet it will be 25 more days.

    Here is how I am transitioning. I carry everyday wherever it is legal to do so. At my place of business, at home....

    In the car it goes in the console which is where the law says I may keep it. Loaded even.

    I am around folks all the time and the only one who know are the ones who know.

    Thats how Im transitioning. I do hate taking the thing off when I get in the car or going places where I cant carry since the permit hasnt arrived.

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    Just jumped out into the crowd.
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    I guess I never really thought about it whenever it happened to me.

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    Just got my permit today and carried concealed so I can say 100% of the time.

    My job will not let me, no weapons on the office property and I spend time daily on an Air Force Base, don't even try to carry on the Federal Reserve.

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    Haven't left the house without my S&W since i got my permit

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    When I got mine, I picked up my permit from the SO at 0900 (I work a few blocks away), went home for lunch and strapped my Glock on. I've been carrying daily.
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    Did my research about holsters and gun belts so when the permit arrived I started carrying. That was over 30 years ago and have been carrying every since. Just do it!
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