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Moving to Hawaii, now what??

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Thread: Moving to Hawaii, now what??

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    can I come with you. I love HI.
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    I was stationed at Pearl for 3 years (been back in America about a year now) and the gun laws in Hawaii are a "bit" on the strict side. All privately owned pistols must be registered and are pretty much only allowed to be in your car as you transit to and from a range.

    If you shoot at a range they are supposed to ask for proof of registration before allowing you to shoot (some do some do not)

    Crime is pretty high, I personally never had any problems but a lot of the guys I worked with had incidents here and there. In the end its like any city, be careful of where you go as there are bad areas.

    So, enjoy the pineapple (I don't like stateside pineapple near as much) drink tons of coffee (tough to beat 100% kona) if you don't SCUBA dive now, start when you get there. There are companies that give great deals to the military. If you don't golf you are missing out, great courses are everywhere.

    However, if you really want a home defense gun take one you wouldn't be horribly upset if it got stolen and leave the rest back in America.

    Any other questions about Hawaii lemme know always happy to help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archer51 View Post
    Since you are military are you going to be residing on base while your there? Does the base have a range you can shoot at? Can you store a weapon in the base armory? Things you might want to check out. Just because you will not be able to carry is no reason not to be able to keep in practice. Not talking about taking all your guns with you, but maybe 1 or 2 handguns to practice with. Check and see if the base has a Rod&Gun club. They should be able to answer some questions you have.
    My suggestion is to never leave your weapon in the arms room. First of all it might be safe there but getting access is really hard. You usually have to have your CDR allow you to remove it and that means getting the armorer to open the place up to get it and put it back. That is under the assumption that you have time on the weekend to do it. Also at least here at fort lewis, there are limits to the amount of ammunition that you can store in the arms room. I think it is under AR 190-11 if you are in the army. When I left for korea, I left all my stuff with a friend and felt safer about it. Hope that helps.

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    I was stationed there for 6 years. No carry at all.

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    Aloha! I love Hawaii, but in addition to a horrendous cost of living, I wouldn't want to live there given the anti gun laws. I haven't even been back in 32 years. Back then, my ex's cousin was post commander of Fort Derussy, the military resort on Oahu. The beach was nicer than Waikiki, at least back then. HE and his wife took us around the island, nice to have locals there. Eventually, he ticked off a General, and ended up training Ski Patrol in Vermont. Sorry for the digression. At least I hope that you enjoy the islands, and also I hope that your military service allows you to at least keep your guns with you.

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    Last I read, Hawaii has a May Issue law that has NEVER issued.

    Good Luck.

    But if you can't carry, you're still in Hawaii, enjoy what you can. My wife and I moved there, right after we got married, for 2 years. Great hikes, great food, great beaches. Lots to enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coriantan View Post
    Last I read, Hawaii has a May Issue law that has NEVER issued.

    Good Luck.

    But if you can't carry, you're still in Hawaii, enjoy what you can. My wife and I moved there, right after we got married, for 2 years. Great hikes, great food, great beaches. Lots to enjoy.
    The rumor I heard was a town mayor was once issued a permit in HI.
    With a state constitutional amendment identical to the 2A, you'd think you'd at least have shall issue. It seems as if the people just don't care.
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