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This is a discussion on Be honest! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I did a warn, draw,fire from concealment exercise, and check for other bad men exercise for the first time. ...

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Thread: Be honest!

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    About 2 or 3 weeks ago, I did a warn, draw,fire from concealment exercise, and check for other bad men exercise for the first time.

    I did it with my RAMI that I bought this summer with a Mika holster.

    I used a half sized silhouette target at 5 and 10 feet, equiv to 10 and 20 feet.

    I put two bright orange 3 inch target stickers on the thoracic and head areas of the target.

    The first four shots were flyers as I hadn't gotten the draw, index on target, apply increasing pressure to trigger, fire skill down.

    My subsequent shots: 12 on thoracic area, 1 an inch below and to the right, one low and to right, gut area.

    Eight on head target or within a couple of millimeters of target.

    I think I did one or two more targets in this way.

    All in all, I did pretty well.

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    Oh, forgot to add: the draw was an issue- first time really with holster, less than optimal covering garment (too tight for carry), indoor range with concrete floor and other shooters nearby. So, I had to be relatively careful and slow about putting pressure on the trigger as I indexed on target horizontally and vertically.

    In the spring, after I join the nearby outdoor range, I plan to speed up my draw when there are no other shooters next to me, or under supervision of an RO.

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    That's a standard part of every range session, unless the range is too crowded. Fortunately, the range I belong to has no restrictions. I try to go when there's no one else there, so I'm not restricted to the standard firing line.

    Draw from concealment, movement, multiple targets, simulated automobile scenarios, various positions, one-handed and two handed. Since I broke my right arm year before last, I realized hadn't done enough off-hand practice, so now I pay especial attention to left-handed drills as well. I also try to get some work in with the BUG, too.

    I do tend to concentrate on handgun shooting, and I think it would be a good thing to work a bit more on some defensive shotgun drills, for home defense scenarios. Another thing that I haven't really practiced much are low-light conditions, which could very well be a likely condition in a real self-defense situation. The problem there is that the (outdoor) range is only open during daylight hours.

    It's a challenge, but also very enjoyable, to take the time to become reasonably competent. As more of my family and friends have become CHL holders, we make it a family outing, whenever possible. When the zombies attack, I want lots of folks around to protect me!

    Quote Originally Posted by wjh2657 View Post
    Holster draw is not permitted at the indoor range, so no, not with EDC. However, I practice from the holster at 5 yards four to five times a week with my S&W 317 (.22) in my garage range (Bullet trap and backstop). Since 317 is set up same as my EDC (grips, holster, trigger and sights) I think I am getting benefit from the practice. I know my groups at indoor range have tightened up considerably since practice with 317. I really think that a snubbie shooter needs a .22 "trainer" for serious practice. I shoot a couple of bricks a week, which is still a whole lot cheaper than .38 practice. I do shoot the .38s at least once every two weeks.

    That's an excellent point, Trainer. I have a .22 semi, but it's not the same platform as my EDC, and I just rarely shoot it. This inspires me to acquire some more handguns!
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    Here I talked about the drill I did and now do on a somewhat regular basis.
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    If I could I would, but my local range doesn't allow draw and fire.
    I do a few dry fire exercises at home and this is the target I use for them:
    I practice this drill, seated, standing and firing from the cover provided by the layout of my house. Using the laser sights gives me a "simulated" picture of where my shots are by watching the laser for movement as I pull the trigger. Not the best exercise by any means, but a lot better than nothing.
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    Range trips at least monthly. Practice both draw and fire and shooting while moving. I have been in IDPA and plan on going back, I just have not had the time lately. I think it is the best practice and a great motivator to practice.
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    For those who can't practice this at the range, don't trivialize the value of a dry fire routine. I practice several times a week, sometimes never firing a shot.
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    every Wed. Drawing from consealment with my carry weapon. the only change is that I am shooting FMJ rounds. IDPA that makes praticing more exciting then the std range targets.
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    I shoot in my backyard. I almost excusively practice from a draw, mostly double taps. I shoot from 7 yds and also from about 1 yd. I believe in practicing defensively. Shooting targets with one eye closed does very little to prepare for a real life scenerio.
    I shoot atleast once a month, usually more. Depending on the gun I'm shooting, my groups are pretty tight.
    I also practice drawing ( dry fire ) alot in the house.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jofrdo View Post
    We have IDPA competitions but I've never gone to one. I want to hone my skills with my drills a little bit more, first.
    I attended a few IDPA shoots as an observer to get the feel of what is going on. I helped out with setup and patching. Each time I was encouraged to shoot next time I attended. I finally caved in and shot. I made some really embarrassing rookie mistakes. I came in in the top half.

    During my observer weeks, the range officer who had grown tired of my excuses for not shooting "this week" finally told me to just do it. After the shoot I participated in, he came up to me and said "I told you you would do fine." I smiled all the way home. I had beat my objective of not being last or disqualified.
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    Whenever I go to my local club range, I'm usually the only one there. I do practice drawing from my EDC with or without a cover garment, IWB or OWB. Usually four magazines worth (60 rounds average) or so. Generally, I'm off a bit with the first couple of shots until I settle in, but I do hit CM and where I'm aiming...just a couple of inches out of the group once I settle down. 7-10 yards from target.

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    I haven't done it in 15 years... long story about how all that time passed without active shooting, but anyway... my current range doesn't allow it. I have been carrying for about a year and I know I need to practice.

    I am taking a PSP class by Roger Phillips this weekend. 1200 rounds and there should be a very good bit of drawing in that.

    I will probably get a membership to the range that we are doing the class at so that I can practice from now on.

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    The ranges I go to do not allow it. I have practiced at home with snap caps and dry firing.
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    I practice drawing and shooting from concealment. Here's my target from two weeks ago.

    143 rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jofrdo View Post

    We have IDPA competitions but I've never gone to one. I want to hone my skills with my drills a little bit more, first.
    Go to a match, introduce yourself and tell them you want to shoot IDPA. You will probably be surprised by finding out that you will be allowed to check the match at your leisure (Be sure to bring eyes and ears) and ask all the questions you want (Just don't bother the guy behind the laptop trying to input the scores, we get testy ). But, the thing is no amount of talking compares with actually standing there, your throat clutching, your mouth dry waiting for the darn beep to go off on your first time against the cardboard bandits. The skills you need for IDPA are the Four Rules of Guns Safety. The rest they will teach you. If you want to learn the basics of the sport, download and print the manual from the IDPA website. And just go with the gun, ammo, spare mags or speedloaders, pouches & holster and HAVE FUN.
    Just remember, do not try to match the speed of more experienced shooters even if you can. Be slow and accurate and make darn sure you are safe handling the weapon.
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