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This is a discussion on Be honest! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Miggy Go to a match, introduce yourself and tell them you want to shoot IDPA. You will probably be surprised by finding ...

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Thread: Be honest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miggy View Post
    Go to a match, introduce yourself and tell them you want to shoot IDPA. You will probably be surprised by finding out that you will be allowed to check the match at your leisure (Be sure to bring eyes and ears) and ask all the questions you want (Just don't bother the guy behind the laptop trying to input the scores, we get testy ). But, the thing is no amount of talking compares with actually standing there, your throat clutching, your mouth dry waiting for the darn beep to go off on your first time against the cardboard bandits. The skills you need for IDPA are the Four Rules of Guns Safety. The rest they will teach you. If you want to learn the basics of the sport, download and print the manual from the IDPA website. And just go with the gun, ammo, spare mags or speedloaders, pouches & holster and HAVE FUN.
    Just remember, do not try to match the speed of more experienced shooters even if you can. Be slow and accurate and make darn sure you are safe handling the weapon.
    I sooooo need to go do this. I am a [Edited] though. But I know I need to... it sounds like so much fun and what a way to get better with your firearm!
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    "slow is smooth, smooth is fast"

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    I go to the range once or twice a month in good weather. I go when no one else is there.

    My first shots are always as if I had to draw in an actual situation (my holstered carry gun with loaded mag and carry ammo). This tests my "true" capabilities (under low stress) and also the capabilities of my equipment.

    After this I practice a few other drills.

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    I do this every time I shoot, about once a week.
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    I practiced this a couple of weeks ago in a Defensive Handgun class that I took. Good stuff.

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    My range does not allow it.

    Good question though.

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    From the holster, two shots center mass within 2 seconds. I have it down to 1.27 seconds. This is about the only thing I'm quick about.
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    I just did this a few days ago at the range, but hadn't practiced it since June of '08, so it was great to practice again...I couldn't find a local range that would allow it until this past week. I'll be practicing it much more often. Nearly all of my shots were COM.
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    Yesterday, drawing a G30SF from an IWB Crossbreed Supertuck with a hawaiian shirt over. 10 yards, double taps as fast as I could. Sometimes 3 shots, 2 COM 1 to the head.
    Shot 25 rounds like this. 20 in the sillouette (chest and head) 5 outside. Of the ones in the sillouete, 16 inside the rings or head, 4 on non vital places.
    Ammo: Federal 230 gr. +P HSTs (10), Sellier & Bellot fmjs (15).
    I am doing better than a month ago.... I'll keep working on it...
    G21SF, G30, G36, Ruger SP101 DAO, S&W 642

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