Be honest!

Be honest!

This is a discussion on Be honest! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many of you have practiced drawing from concealment, firing at a target within 7 yards within the past 6 months? I'm sure most of ...

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Thread: Be honest!

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    Be honest!

    How many of you have practiced drawing from concealment, firing at a target within 7 yards within the past 6 months? I'm sure most of you have shot a lot within that time frame....but how about as I said drawing from your regular carry position and shooting? If anyone is willing to be honest and admit the stats.....I'd like to know how you did in terms of shots to center mass.. as well as any thoughts/tips/introspections you might care to share with the rest of us. Thanks

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    Fortunately, I have a range that allows me such...usually:

    1) Usually 10 yards - 15 yards...sometimes closer
    2) Once a month (getting expensive)
    3) 95% outer ring...the other 5% is the wind :))
    4) Easier said then done...especially if from various positions (like sitting at a resturant) and firing 3 rounds in less than 3 seconds


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    I am way down on range time but - this is something I always practice.

    If 'now' equals usual results (first shot from my SIG 226 ST) - it goes high left from the first pull on the DAO start - IIRC but then as I move the rest go close to useful... if light is lower then CT's also come into play.

    Main thing I notice if long overdue for practice is that cover garment ''sweep'' can be less than ideal - that I think is almost more important than the eventual hit accuracy. Practice is as ever essential.
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    I have a range in the back yard. I did that very thing just this past weekend.

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    I go to the club rather late at night so as to be alone. I set up two targets down range and approach them, far in front of the normal firing line so that my lines of fire will still impact the backstop, not the sidewalls. The closest target is about 2-3 yards and the other about 6-7 yards. I draw from different positions, focus on the front sight, fire twice at the closer target, three times at the distant target, then one more into the near target. I try to rapid fire. I find I need to try to slow down and aim to give satisfactory results, but it is a good confidence builder that I'll do OK in a real self defense situation. I also practice magazine exchanges and clearing jams by loading a dummy round in an unknown position in the magazines.

    We have IDPA competitions but I've never gone to one. I want to hone my skills with my drills a little bit more, first.

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    Every range trip involves drawing from at least one (usually several) of my concealment holsters......standing and seated.

    But.....I havent been to the range in almost 7 months. I've been deployed. That'll change Sunday afternoon though.

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    Twice a week lately

    I try to practice everyday but lately my schedule has only allowed me to practice a couple of times per week. I carry a Ultra Carry II and use a replica airsoft gun and a Freedom Trainer that allows me to train anywhere and perform drills that most ranges will not let you practice.

    I still fire live rounds when I can but the cost and availability of ammunition makes difficult to do to often.
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    I would love to, but it's not permitted at the range that I go to. And AA, I'm jealous. Having a range in the back yard is something I would dearly love to have. Damn laws against firing close to a house. Oh well, even if it was legal, the golfers on the course behind my house probably wouldn't like it (Though I have threatened to return fire with my AR 15 after golf balls kept hitting the house! Darn, there's probably some stupid law against THAT!

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    Fortunately I shoot IDPA once per week in the CDP class so I do get to shoot quie a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakota97 View Post
    Fortunately I shoot IDPA once per week in the CDP class so I do get to shoot quie a lot.
    +1 I just started with IDPA after carrying for around ten years; it is great practice.
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    I am as we speak, would I lie to you? OK, OK, no the answer is no....
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    IDPA one a month, and at least private range time every other week.

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    Holster draw is not permitted at the indoor range, so no, not with EDC. However, I practice from the holster at 5 yards four to five times a week with my S&W 317 (.22) in my garage range (Bullet trap and backstop). Since 317 is set up same as my EDC (grips, holster, trigger and sights) I think I am getting benefit from the practice. I know my groups at indoor range have tightened up considerably since practice with 317. I really think that a snubbie shooter needs a .22 "trainer" for serious practice. I shoot a couple of bricks a week, which is still a whole lot cheaper than .38 practice. I do shoot the .38s at least once every two weeks.


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    This is something that I'm not happy about. The indoor range I go to doesn't allow you to draw from a holster & fire. OTOH, if they did allow it, my legs wouldn't support me wearing enough body armor to get me in there!

    Back in the day, we used to practice by putting just a primer into a cartridge and then pushing the open end into a bar of wax. The primer would propel the wax out of the barrel and I seem to remember being able to practice out to 5-10 feet. Then we discovered reusable plastic cartridge/bullet rounds (Speer?) that were powered by just the primer. I seem to remember using 357 magnum primers in .38 special and getting a decent 15-20 feet out of them. I never tried either in anything but a revolver.

    These days the closest I get is drawing & dry firing using either my LCP or my S&W 642 with Crimson Trace grips. I keep wondering if I can rig a digital camera that is 'triggered' by the sound of the hammer falling................................

    I really envy you guys who have IDPA practice as an option!!!

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    i try to do it when i remember...i believe last time i was at the range i practiced this. don't know if it was 7 yards or not but i do draw from concealment and fire @ targets. When my friends and i go to the range we set up a 1 stage IDPA stage and shoot that as well

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