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Just 2 days short of 8 weeks got my CCW

This is a discussion on Just 2 days short of 8 weeks got my CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Congrats on the permit! I've an idea how you must feel, just got mine today, too. It didn't go as smoothly as it normally does ...

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Thread: Just 2 days short of 8 weeks got my CCW

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    Congrats on the permit!

    I've an idea how you must feel, just got mine today, too. It didn't go as smoothly as it normally does here in Florida, but the state offcials really did work on my behalf, not against me as they seem to do in other states.

    Now go climb the nearest flag pole and "Long May You Wave!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Equalizer
    Just thought I let people know its taking about 8 weeks to get your CCW permit here in Butte county, California.
    just got my permit today in mail
    Now you can get the NH non-resident for $20 and have it around 12 days later.

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    You'r lucky it's 90 days+ and we have to drive downtown to the Sheriff substation and pick it up inperson. The same substation we have to take our paperwork and get finger printed when applying for the permit.

    Glad you now have you'rs.

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    It's good to know someone in California got a permit. My congratulations on your tenacity. Now carry your weapon all the time.It'll scare Barbara Streisand out of her sox knowing your armed and dangerous.

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    Carry for life!
    "You've never lived until you've almost died. For those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected will never know" - T.R.

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    The Equalizer, I hope that you don`t mind if I get in hear too.
    I won`t mention "wishicould" with the secret issues, sheesh.

    Anyway I live in Kern County, California. And yes I have a CCW.
    You have to love our local Sheriff. While doing a radio interview the Sheriff states that if you live in the city and want a CCW, an have been turned down by the local PD, come and see him. The city is in the County.

    I had my CCW before I heard the interview.

    How it happened?
    Took a class that lasted about 5 hours. 4 hours of classroom instruction, California Law, Fed. Law, cases on self defense explained, etc. Shot 50 rounds (instructed on target, range, rounds to fire, and when to fire). After completion of the class AND PASSING take certificate to the Sheriff`s Office and get application for CCW. Fillout application, pay XX amount of money and told to wait for up to 12 weeks for a reply from the DOJ. 8 weeks later I get a call from the Sheriff`s Office asking for me by full name. Told me I was OK`d for CCW and to come down and bring what firearm I will carry with me along with ID.

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    Congrats, Equalizer. My wife and I will be making a short visit to Monterey County in April and it's good to know that there are still some people in the land of fruit and nuts who are alive, responsible and armed. I am taking my wife on a quick visit to where I spent most of my military career. Though it is not Fort Ord any more the neighborhood is the same.

    Keep safe.

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    I'm a little lucky in that here in TX (I don't know about anywhere else) you can take the CHL class up to 6 months before you turn 21. And I plan to do exactly that. You send it in 1 month before your birthday. Hopefully I'll have it before by birthday.

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    texas is 10 hr course qualifing(3 yds,7 yds,15yds-total 50rds.) get fingerprinted, get passport photos taken then send in 140.00 to DPS and wait about 60 days. shall issue state is nice you don't have to come up with an excuse why you should be able to exercise your rights.

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    I went in to the sheriff"s office filled out application paid $52, got finger printed, asked were I got training, said Military. Three weeks later got license. I love Idaho
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    Thats all alot tuffer than what I went though to get mine. Went to the Sheriff's office got the application. Filled it out. Waited a couple of weeks, got a card in the mail that I was OK. went back to the Sherriff's office paid for the license (20 bucks then I think) and that was it. No clasess no nothing. Granted thats why most of the US does not recognise the CCW permit from the state of Alabama. But lucky for me the states that do are GA, MS, FL, and TN. Why would anybody want to leave the south anyways. O, there are several others, but I don't think that I want to go there right now.

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    Congrats to Mr. Equalizer and Mr. Fred likewise!

    Is the Glock license plate a pic yours or merely an avatar? If real, it could sure cause a furor in CA?

    Welcome to you both!
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