Carrying, Got Jostled, Heard a Thump on the Floor

Carrying, Got Jostled, Heard a Thump on the Floor

This is a discussion on Carrying, Got Jostled, Heard a Thump on the Floor within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was carrying and stopped at the local community theatre to help my wife with some set building, prop moving and such - a very ...

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Thread: Carrying, Got Jostled, Heard a Thump on the Floor

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    Carrying, Got Jostled, Heard a Thump on the Floor

    I was carrying and stopped at the local community theatre to help my wife with some set building, prop moving and such - a very uncool place to get made. We didn't get done before scads of people, many of them kids, started showing up for dress rehearsal. We were upstairs, trying to get a couch unstuck from a corner and, due to the narrow confines, I was constantly having people squeeze by me as I worked. Several times I had to pivot to keep someone from scraping by on my carry side - with my hands full so that I couldn't protect my piece with my elbow.

    It finally happened - I lifted the sofa, someone squeezed by on my left, I pivoted right, a running kid crashed into me and I heard a thump as an object hit the floor.

    I just had time to think, "How the h*** did my P85 fall out of my IWB?" as I looked down, prepared to nudge it under the sofa to hide it, when I saw my tape measure.....

    That's all it was, my tape got knocked off from where I had it hooked to my pocket.

    I told this story just because I thought it was kinda funny, but man, for a half a second or so I thought the Ruger had landed on the floor in front of 15 kids and their moms and dads.

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    I would have freaked out as well
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    One of my nightmares, albeit, a rare one. I've never had anyone that close to me when I'm carrying other than for a hugg. If they go for my ass, they deserve what they find.
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    I think that's a situation we all fear. And of course you thought it was your piece, that's what a responsible CCarrier would think. That way you can do something about it immediately. Glad it wasn't though.
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    I can identify with you. I had a similar thing happen when I was chasing a shop-lifter while off-duty. Somehow, my gun (Colt 1911) managed to ride up and out of my holster and onto the sidewalk in front of everyone. I immediately stopped, picked it up and kept chasing the BG...he got away. Very scary feeling when you know your gun is out of place. Priorities shift very quickly. Replaced the holster and it never happened again.
    Be Safe,

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    glad it turned out not to be the ruger..i have the same fear of dropping my ruger as well

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    I'm glad it was just a tape heart woulda popped out of my chest!
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    That is a fear of mine also, my IWB is snug and probably will never happen but my Dad always told me, never say never.

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    I was going to wonder how your gun would fall out. Had me going too.
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    I was thinking you need to get rid of that cheap holster before It happens again,then I read (The Rest Of The Story)Good Day
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    Yes, funny!
    "The only purpose for a pistol is to fight your way back to the rifle you should have never laid down". -unknown

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    nice story. This is the reason why my IWB and OWB holsters have thumb breaks. Just another added piece of security.
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    Food for thought for all of us.

    Thanks for sharing!!
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    Thanks for sharing. I am sure many of us have played this out in our heads.

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    You got my heart rate up for a second there. Glad it was just the tape measure!

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