Probably not a good idea

Probably not a good idea

This is a discussion on Probably not a good idea within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So I went to a local indoor range here yesterday to do my monthly practice and the proceedure here is to sign your name on ...

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Thread: Probably not a good idea

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    Probably not a good idea

    So I went to a local indoor range here yesterday to do my monthly practice and the proceedure here is to sign your name on the waiting list for a lane on the range. Luckily the lanes were not all in use. I was there with just enough time before the shop closed to shoot my half hour.
    So I sign in, see that there are lanes open and am waiting for someone to wait on me, so I can pay for my lane.

    I happen to notice that the top name on the sign up sheet is a person I know. He is a salesman that calls on the company I work for. I have known him for 10 or more years, and see him maybe every two months. I have also seen him around town, out to dinner and such. I never knew he wa a gun guy. I don't know if he has a CCW, or just shoots pistol. The thing is, all of a sudden it dawned on me, now my name is also on this sheet for everyone off the street to see.

    So what would you all do, sign your name, or make up a name to use on the sign up sheet. I don't think the gun shop cares who you are, they just need some way to call the next person when a lane becomes available.

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    I have a distinct and unique last name, so I always use my first name and mothers maiden on things like that.
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    Do you have a problem with anyone off the street knowing you shoot? Do you think it makes you more vulnerable to an attack? I guess I don't understand the problem, they don't know you carry from this sign up sheet.
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    I would just put my first name and last initial.
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    I knew a guy in college who was listed in the phone book as W.C. Fields. His reasoning was they would list any name given, so why use your own? I always disliked giving my name in a restaurant only to hear them yell it out ten minutes later. I give them Smith or Jones. Your name is a place holder in the range line list. All they really want is your credit card!!!
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    I'm with Sixto. I have a unique last name, and got tired of trying to spell it out for those perky teen queens in their prom dresses who greet you at fancy restaurants. Now I just use what my wife calls my "spy name".

    It's easy to spell and pronouce - like "Cher".

    I use it at restaurants, waiting lines at the range, the barber shop, and those silly lunch counters and coffe shops that feel the need to call out your name. Pick a fun one - have fun with it.

    Even my kids now know what name to request if we have restuarant reservations or the like.

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    Its not necessarily a bad idea to be careful. When I dont want anybody knowing who I am, I use my middle and my GF last name.
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    I have a stage name I use.

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    Hiding your identity

    I guess I don't really get the logic behind going out of my way to make sure no one knows that I carry. I am very discreet about concealed carry and have never been made, but if I were I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. I'm not doing anything illegal and I am exercising my second ammendment right. Maybe I'm not seeing something that I should. If anyone would like to set me straight, I'm always open to learning something new.

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    What is this waiting for a lane thing you speak of? Methinks you need to find a private range.

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    I would sign in it with a SHARPIE and in CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!

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    E. Holder?

    I would sign in with the name a a well known anti-RKBA idiot.

    Maybe E. Holder.

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    I guess I'm missing the point. To me it's kind of absurd to think that someone will come in off the street, jot your name down, and track you down because you have a gun. To me, that's what was implied.

    There is the scenario where someone comes as a guest and sees your name on the list. Again, my attitude is who cares? They're obviously not gun-shy if they're there with someone to shoot, and because you sign in at a public range doesn't mean you carry. It means you shoot guns.

    Am I out of line to think this is overly cautious?

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    The gun range I go to gets your real name, holds your state ID till you are done.
    Only the employees see this.

    I like the idea of using an "alias" for some stuff, but one question on the cc application is that you list all aliases you have used. Somehow I think listing an alias would raise some flags and slow the process.

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