Only in VA!

Only in VA!

This is a discussion on Only in VA! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Today as I was at the gym (where obviously no one is CCing on their person while lifting) I overheard a discussion between a local ...

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Thread: Only in VA!

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    Only in VA!

    Today as I was at the gym (where obviously no one is CCing on their person while lifting) I overheard a discussion between a local LEO and another man about the best carry rounds in .45ACP. They mentioned Winchester Rangers but said they can be hard to find. Seeing as how all of my carry guns are loaded with Winchester Rangers, I threw my $.02 in about best pricing and where to get them.

    This then mushroomed into 4 more guys joining the conversation to talk about their carry guns and choice of caliber....all of this huddled around the Hammer Strength Shoulder Press.

    It turned out that 2 were LEO, 1 was a Local Fireman and the other 4 of us were just guys who like to feel safe. These LEOs were obviously cool with civilians choosing to carry, which I am glad to hear about my county officers.

    I just thought it was funny (as a previous NJ resident) that people upon just hearing an ammo brand are willing to drop their sets and are psyched to chat about their carry weapons.
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    I was talking to a guy I knew at the gym for a few months. when guns came up. I pretty much gave up on working out and we talked about guns for an hour or so. its funny how the people you know casually you may have more in common with than you realize.

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    I have been going to physical therapy for the last 2 weeks ( bad back)and last Friday I was the last client ,my therapist knows I was in the marines and we started talking about pistols and low and behold come to find out that not only does he carry , but has the same EDC as I do( colt defender 1911) prior to this conversation I would have NEVER thought that this guy would ever carry , let alone have fire arms, go figure!
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    Same here except it is at church. Since I applied for my permit back on 01/01 I have found 8 other guys at church that carry and we have had some interesting conversations.

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