Got it 3 days ago! (also latest news)

Got it 3 days ago! (also latest news)

This is a discussion on Got it 3 days ago! (also latest news) within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I woke up to my phone ringing. "Unidentified number." The guy who mans the front desk at the PD said it was ready for pickup. ...

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Thread: Got it 3 days ago! (also latest news)

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    Got it 3 days ago! (also latest news)

    I woke up to my phone ringing. "Unidentified number." The guy who mans the front desk at the PD said it was ready for pickup. I went right down.

    Good turn-around time. Took 17 days. Now I've gotta save up some money to invest in a handgun, holster (or holsters), a good belt, and some extra for ammunition. I'm trying to borrow some holsters from range buddies so I can test how much room I need for IWB. I want to make sure I get the sizing right for the Beltman.

    I will, of course, keep you updated and tell you all about my first armed outing.

    In latest news, I chased a guy who was breaking windows in a frat house up the street. I was on my way to Safeway (where, a couple weeks ago, I somehow ended up in between a shoplifter and the front door - yikes) and heard knocking coming from the porch.

    I thought it was the frat guys messing around. They usually sit out there in the evening and talk, smoke, play music, or whatever, but the light was off and all I could see was a dark figure moving around up there.

    As I got closer, the knocking continued. It sounded like the person was knocking a largeish stone on the building's siding.

    I was about 40 yards from the house when the front door opened, someone said "hey!" or "what're you doing?!" or something of the like, and the figure sprinted down the porch stairs and into the next door church parking lot.

    Without thinking about it, and all at once, I shoved the pipe I was smoking (tobacco, of course ) into my coat (faux military camo jacket) pocket, grabbed the flashlight from my belt, and took off sprinting after the dude who was up to no good moments before.

    The guy from the house and I both ran into the parking lot, chasing the suspect. We went through the parking lot, then he split left and I went right, using my flashlight to illuminate the dim alley.

    Long story short:
    We lost him in the alley, another person from the house called 911 and we all contributed to the report. However, the best we could do for a description was: 6-foot-tall, thin-build male, I thought he was white, and he was wearing a beanie. He had on all black clothing, including a hoodie.

    Turned out the guy was apparently chucking walnuts at the house with a couple walnut-sized rocks. Both of these were on the porch (mostly nuts and a couple stones). Inside the screen and first pane of the broken window, but outside the inner pane, was a walnut-sized stone.

    I feel like I was a good witness, but don't know if I would have done anything differently if I'd been carrying. o_O

    At least nobody got hurt.

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    "At least nobody got hurt" is correct.

    Unless you are LE or hired security or the property belongs to you, your business or your family... I think it might be a bad idea to play cop and chase BGs through the neighborhood.

    What would have happened if you "caught him"? (a thousand possible outcomes, with few of them ending well)

    Someone throws a walnut or rock at YOUR head, then catch them and beat them into submission. ENJOY. However, if you're going down to your local Safeway "cruising for shoplifters" or BG's, you might want to take a deep breath, E-X-H-A-L-E and think about what you're doing.

    my 2-cents (may be worth less to others)

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    It might be a good idea for you to rethink the entire scenario out. Having a pistol on your belt comes along with an awful lot of responsibilty.

    (tobacco, of course ) I would hope so.
    Lot of kids walking around with a hoodie and a "beanie" in a college area.
    Tossing rocks ? Hardly anything I would get involved with, other than to maybe call 911.

    "Yes Your Honor, I saw this guy down the street throwing walnuts at a frat house so I walked over to him and gave him a verbal challenge. It escalated from verbal to physical and when push came to shove, he busted me one across the nose sending me to the ground. I was bleeding and in pain. I feared for my life so I drew my weapon and fired."

    Just 2 cents (worthless in today's economy)

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    Quote Originally Posted by boscobeans View Post

    (tobacco, of course ) I would hope so.


    I know I look funny - it's something I live with every day - don't judge.

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    I'd have to agree with Joel and Beans on this one. I wouldn't recommend chasing some numb nutts down the block for no reason. If you'd seen him commit an active felony or take a life then maybe, but you must also remember you're not LE. Us having the right to carry does come with a great deal of responsibility as well as liability.
    Just my own thoughts of course!
    The sheepdog is both blessed and cursed with the capacity for violence, and a profound love for the flock. This is what makes the warrior different from the wolf.
    -Dave Grossman

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    I thought that the tobacco would make you sleepy.......what do I know ?

    If you are carrying you might not want to chase people down alleys for throwing rocks, definitely not worth the potential tragedy.
    Since you weren't armed, no biggie. It's up to you to decide if the potential situation at the end of the chase is worth it to you. The guy could have been from another frat, playing a prank ,or a burglar trying to break in.
    You sound like a good neighbor to me.

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