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Would You Carry a Gun You Have Never Practiced With?

This is a discussion on Would You Carry a Gun You Have Never Practiced With? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would much rather carry a gun than no gun at all.So sure I would carry a gun that I have never tested....

View Poll Results: Would you rather carry a gun you have never shot or would you go without a firearm?

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  • It is irresponsible to carry a weapon you have not personally tested, I would go without the gun.

    67 24.54%
  • It's better to be armed with an unfamiliar weapon than to be defenseless, give me the gun.

    206 75.46%
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Thread: Would You Carry a Gun You Have Never Practiced With?

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    I would much rather carry a gun than no gun at all.So sure I would carry a gun that I have never tested.
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    If going strictly by the poll wording....

    then I'd agree, it's better to carry an unfamiliar gun. To me, that would be one with which I'm not as familiar as I'd like to be.

    That said, would I carrry something I'd never shot? Only in an emergency situation, to get me to one I knew. If nothing else, you can find some SD ammo to put through it. That's all that's been through my P3AT since I got it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ram Rod View Post
    I'd rather take my chances in CQB hand to hand as a newbie.
    Not a great option for a 5'3, 110 lb woman who just found out she's being stalked. Or an elderly man or a just a small, out of shape dude. I agree with your basic premise, but there are guns out there I'd trust without actually having shot if I needed to.

    I say give me the gun.

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    The question could be explored further - never fired or never even looked at and understood. I like to put 200 or so rounds through a gun before I carry it but if that were not possible and this is all I can get I would hope to at least see what works and how with that particular firearm. Also how experienced is the person with the gun - I would be much more comfortable now in that I usually shoot at least once a week than I would a year ago - but all being said better something than nothing - heck if nothing else you could throw it at the BG.
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    Get into a fight with a weapon you don't know will fire when needed? Good way to assume room temperature.
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    I'll take the gun everytime.

    Since I have shot every style made at one time or another and since most shootings are very close, I'll take my chance WITH the gun rather than without one.

    With that being said, if you know for certain will engage in combat with a weapon, not knowing its full capabilitys is to handicap yourself, not to mention dowright stupid.
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    There is a whole lot of "it depends" on this. Are we talking grabbing one from under the counter while the zombie hordes are devouring everyone in the parking lot, or are we talking for just a typical afternoon/evening walk?

    I would not have a big problem with packing a four inch "K" frame S&W after nothing more than some snap caps to make sure I am getting a good strike. I wouldn't be thrilled with the situation, but having owned one for years, and fired many many more I could live with that as a temporary situation. I would however consider my effective range about half my normal.
    As far as autoloaders I would not be at all thrilled with the idea. If I had to do it I would hope to get a Sig as the manual of arms is so familiar.
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    Sure - I personally would. If the only given choice was have a loaded but, "untested" high quality firearm or no firearm at all.

    The chances of a chambered first round malfunction in a semi-auto are pretty minute/remote.

    I'll take an effective first shot and then an already "in hand" bludgeoning instrument.

    Any high quality revolver...absolutely.

    I'm not sure if a total newbie to firearms would be best served by having an untested firearm. An untested firearm in the hands of a totally untested shooter might not be such a great idea.
    Much depends on Lady Luck on how that might work out.

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    I used a friends G36 on a vacation in Idaho. I flew and didn't desire the airport hassle. My usual carry gun is a G30. I had no problem adjusting to 6 rounds verses 10!
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    I would have to carry one that I trust until I had time to shoot the new one and know it will work if I need it. good luck.
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    I am amazed- the "have a gun" side is overwhelmingly winning the poll.

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    That is one of those questions I wanted to mark both. I would prefer to have tested and shot the gun and quite frankly it would be an unusual circumstance for me to have to choose an untested weapon since I have those tested weapons at my disposal. If I bought a new weapon, I would choose a gun I had already fired and tested. Back to the questions. Yes, I would carry the untested gun if it was the only one available.

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    IMHO -- the options are a false dilemma.

    However, I'll take the gun every time -- those were my only options.

    But the question reminds me of a sign that was common in many shops some time ago, "Poor planning on your part does not an emergency create on my part."

    To only have those two options is a sign of poor planning. You can find ammo if you really really want to.

    Sounds like someone looking for an excuse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by speak2u View Post
    Also how experienced is the person with the gun

    And we have a winner. I have been around guns all my life. I would have no problem with any semi or wheel gun. It is kind of like a car if you can drive a ford a chevy is no problem. Now someone who has never shot before is kind of scary......but you know how many people get their permit and do just that?
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    I marked "I would go without the gun" however this poll seems a little suspect. I would spend the $50 to put 50 or so rounds of defensive ammo through my gun. After shooting enough semi-autos I wouldn't want to trust my life to an unproven, unfired pistol. I'm a little surprised at the amount of folks voting to carry an unfired gun so far! My XD factory sights were off by a lot when I first purchased it, also it didn't feed a couple types of ammo very reliably. These are not the kind of surprises I want to discover when I'm trying to survive a deadly encounter. After getting things tweaked, I've had several thousand rounds through my XD without any trouble... I'll trust it with my life now.
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