First Encounter with LEO while Carrying

First Encounter with LEO while Carrying

This is a discussion on First Encounter with LEO while Carrying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here in NC our CHP is tied to our Driver License & and we are required to have proper photo ID along with our CHP ...

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Thread: First Encounter with LEO while Carrying

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    First Encounter with LEO while Carrying

    Here in NC our CHP is tied to our Driver License & and we are required to have proper photo ID along with our CHP while carrying. In the small town where I live , I noticed while driving down a main street in town where I live that flashing lights were about a quarter mile ahead of me. The local police had setup a checkpoint this afternoon, as I rolled up to the officer I handed him my CHP & driver license together. He looked at both of them and said "Perfect have a good day sir". That was a very positive experience, I hope all the rest will be the same.

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    Same here. I've had nothing but positive experiences when dealing with our State Capital finest.
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    And that's how it should be...
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    Ideally we wouldn't even live in a "paper's please" society....

    but at least the encounter went well...

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    I would expect nothing more.

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    Great experience it seems. I hope mine also go this smoothly.. Be safe

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    I agree. Since moving to NC, the LEOs here have really changed my opinion of Police in general -- definitely for the better! But maybe it's all that Southern Courtesy. My Yankee husband still can't get used to it! Glad your 1st CC/LEO encounter went perfectly.

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    I'm one for one with LEO's... I actually think showing my CCW papers is the reason I didn't get a ticket

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    Glad it went well, the way it should be.
    I just have a problem with check points??, in the afternoon??. Free country??
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    Good relations with LEO's is the only kind of experance, I've ever had.

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    That kind of stop would work for me. Good deal.

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    What town in Eastern NC was it? I used to live in Greenville. They had periodic "checkpoints" ostensibly set up to catch drunk drivers, usually on Saturday night. I think I only recall actually getting pulled out once in such a checkpoint, and I did the same thing (gave CHP & license together). The officer was polite and I went on my way. Pasted below is an account of one encounter there that was not so polite (something I wrote in an email when it happened).

    Does anyone know if a pistol serial number called in during a traffic stop is entered in as a permanent record, effectively "registering" it?

    I was pulled over last night, allegedly for running a stop sign. I most definitely DID NOT run the stop sign, as I had seen the police car and was paying close attention to my driving. I suspect the real reason for being pulled over was being a possibly-Hispanic-or-middle-Eastern appearing male driving an expensive-looking sports car after 11:00 pm.

    I performed all of the standard CCW duties while pulled over, and politely mentioned that I believe that I had made a full and complete stop at both stop signs where the deputy had observed me.

    The deputy asked me what I did for a living, who I worked for, and where I was going (Engineer, NACCO, returning home from a pistol match, with a 1st place trophy on the seat next to me as corroborating evidence). He then politely ordered me to surrender my weapon. He took the pistol back to his car (where a fellow deputy following him had joined him), read the serial number into his radio, and waited ~15 minutes. He returned with my pistol (unloaded, slide locked back, plus the mag & loose round), along with a written warning for the alleged failure to stop. He explained that the warning did not go on my record and was nothing to worry about, but that I should stop for a longer period of time at stop signs.

    If this was a county such as Durham, I would suspect that a database (legal or not) would be kept of any such serial numbers. As this was in Pitt County (where the Sheriff attends NRA fund-raising auctions), I hope it is different.

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    More than likely checking the serial number against a stolen weapons database.

    It sounds like the stop went OK except you shouldn't have been stopped. Sorry you had to wait.
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    I was listening to the Blue Line Radio today here in Wilmington, NC and a guy called in about an experience with a SC Highway Patrolman.

    He was the passenger and after they crossed the border from NC they were pulled over. The driver had a concealed weapon with no permit so he placed it on the dash against the recommendation of the passenger.

    As the officer approached the saw the weapon and immediately said that when he looked back up he didn't want to see anything on the dash.

    The guy placed it back to the concealed position and the officer checked his license and registration and then let him go as he was only doing 8 mph over the speed limit.

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    Until last month I hadn't been pulled over by LEO for quite a few years. I heard during a basic handgun safety class that it is recommended to show your CHP along with your license. When I was pulled over for going to fast (admittedly) I handed the LEO my CHP with my license. Before I could hand him my insurance and registration he handed me my license and CHP back and said to have a good day - and that the speed limit was 30 and not 35 mph on that stretch of road. Kinda cool.
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