My wife is delivering in a few days, would you?

My wife is delivering in a few days, would you?

This is a discussion on My wife is delivering in a few days, would you? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In Oklahoma as far as I have read I can carry in a hospital. My wife will be delivering in a few days and I ...

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Thread: My wife is delivering in a few days, would you?

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    My wife is delivering in a few days, would you?

    In Oklahoma as far as I have read I can carry in a hospital. My wife will be delivering in a few days and I plan to carry. Would you? My thoughts are I will be going home at night and not staying in the Hospital. Leaving late at night and coming home to a empty house for three days. Would you leave it in the car?

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    I carried when my wife delivered.
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    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    If you are that scared of your wife watch the delivery from a locked "safe" room
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    Quote Originally Posted by ccroom View Post
    My wife is delivering in a few days, would you?
    No. But then, I lack the "plumbing," so to speak.

    In Oklahoma as far as I have read I can carry in a hospital ... I plan to carry. Would you?
    Unless you're legally barred from doing so, why not? You're not going to be on a gurney, patted down, or asked to strip. The family's "value" just rose by a bit, so I'd carry.

    The issue isn't hardly whether a doc or nurse will be a threat. Rather, it's that there's nothing especially sacred about a hospital grounds that precludes crime from occurring, and that goes for your journey's path both to and from the hospital. In this sense, it's little different from the corner market, or going to the mall, or walking a mile or two through town with your dog. Hospitals, and more importantly your trips top/from them, aren't immune from crime ... so, carry if you're able.
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    My wife delivered March 27 2009. I couldn't bring my pistol to the hospital or else I would have. The Delivery wing at our local hospital is secure, meaning security guard, security doors, cameras, wrist bands, etc. But I would have felt much better having it on the car ride home. Congratulations by the way.

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    If it's legal I certainly would, just keep your strong side away from her because she might be angry with you at that moment.
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    hospitals here in mich. are happycriminal zones but you can lock em up in
    your car. that or leave em at home. me personennal,i have a pretty strudy
    lock box in my car so if i visit a pistol free zone,i lock it up inthe box. hospitals
    no-paking lots,you're good to go.(sorry,was just speacking of mich.) not sure
    about okla. congrads to you and you're wife. stay safe.
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    In NM many hospitals forbid CC so I leave my pistol in a lock box in the car. In a hospital environment, you're there for many hours at a time and bound to print at some point. Obeying the letter of the law some times put you more at risk, such as criminals knowing that law abiding citizens won't carry where not allowed, and therefor are more probable targets.

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    If legal, this would probably be one of those times that I kept the Kimber in a car safe and just put the P-3AT in a pocket holster. My focus would be on the birth and not if I were printing.

    (Oh, and I might take the new son's gun in just to show him...can't start too early you know.)
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    1 thing to think about is weather you will be in the delivery room during the birth? Lots of places make you change into scrubs in that environment. If this happens what are you going to do to keep the weapon secure?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    If you are that scared of your wife watch the delivery from a locked "safe" room
    Might not be the safest way to go considering what they are going through!!

    As long as the hospital is not state/county/city owned or associated with a school (OU/OSU or another) I'd carry.

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    Depends on the kind of birth you are going to have. My wife did water births for our last two, so I was in the tub a lot. I also delivered them, which got a bit messy. So I would worry about that with carrying.

    What about splitting the difference and bringing a small bag with you (trust me, if it goes long you'll need some refreshments, maybe a stick of deodorant and some gum if your wife thinks you stink...that stuff) and keeping it there?

    My wife is a doula (professional servant to laboring women and their husbands) PM me if you have any questions. :)

    Congrats on the new baby!
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    I would carry if it is legal.
    Now, if you are one of those rare fellas who might pass out at the sight of your bride turning inside-out, I'd think twice about that.

    Congratulations in advance!
    Carry on.
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

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    If you are worried about carring your gun on your person you can put it in your overnight bag. It is an option. At least you will have it with you instead of leaving it in the car.

    Also my wife is due in April. Congrat's on the new addition.

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