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Conceal Carry without a Holster

This is a discussion on Conceal Carry without a Holster within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I second the motion for SmartCarry or Thunderwear since they retain the same patent number. I use one for my HK P7 although I haven’t ...

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Thread: Conceal Carry without a Holster

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    I second the motion for SmartCarry or Thunderwear since they retain the same patent number. I use one for my HK P7 although I haven’t attempted to jog with it. Conceptually, it will provide more bearing surface than any clip-style holster (sans belt) while jogging.

    I will point out that if you choose one of these; consider the larger pocket since it really isn’t as “large” as you may think. Conversely, the waist sizing is actually larger than you may think. In my case, I have the large pocket with the smaller waist strap. Either way, it’s a great concept for deep concealment with the lowest print for ~smaller~ guns. (IMO).
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    [QUOTEAs for a solution, several people I know use an Uncle Mikes "Inside the Pant" holster. . You could clip it on while you travel, then easily take it off and put it in your desk. No belt needed on the clip. It conceals easy even with just a T-shirt and gym shorts.][/QUOTE]

    This is what I got for my G27, it works ok and is cheap-$20. The only problem I have with this is I print unless I have larger t- shirt on. I think it needs a deeper clip to allow it further down, or tilt/cant it more to bring handle up and less printing. I carry it at 1 or 11 0'clock. I dont wear a belt unless I have to and no problems. When I get into truck it goes into door panel, then at business tucked back in pants, until it reaches desk. I will probably get a smart carry when summer gets here! Hope this helps!
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    No holster = possible negligence

    Please don't carry a Glock without a holster . . . it is a dangerous practice that could be determined to be negligent in the event of an "accidental" discharge. Besides that, it reflects poorly on the concealed carry crowd -- the image of a gun in the waistband is what the public perceives as the "gangsta" method of carry.

    I will suggest three possible options:

    1. Smartcarry
    2. Holster T-shirt (I like the 511 undershirt)
    3. Bellyband

    I use my SmartCarry frequently for my PM40, and find it comfortable. Some don't like SmartCarry, however. I could jog in mine without worry of losing the gun, but I'm not sure it would be comfortable for long.

    I really like my 511 undershirt with the built-in holster. It works well for my PM40, but my 3.5-inch 1911 is too heavy for it. Because it is Spandex, it serves as a compression shirt.

    A belly band will work with anything up to a full-size 1911, and you can position the gun where it is comfortable for you. Under an oversize T-shirt, this might be a very good option.

    I think you have to consider your wardrobe, and others have mentioned. With only a T-shirt, you will print at times with either the holster shirts or a belly band. If you must truly conceal (i.e., if nobody can know you are carrying), I think SmartCarry is your best option.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rmodel65 View Post
    In GA its illegal to conceal unless your using a holster or hipgrip etc(unless your an exempt individual) first time without a holster is misd second time without a holster is a felony

    theres a bill in the states house to try to change that

    and how does this reflect on the OP in COLORADO, or answer his question?

    to put in my $0.02.....I would not recommend not using a holster, that just asking for trouble
    I carry with shorts (no belt, etc) sometimes with my G30, use my Fobus paddle holster to put on temporarily tying the drawstring and it works for short term as in your example
    others I have that work also:
    Stow-N-Go -

    same holster with thumb break:
    Waistband Inside the Pant Holster -

    I would have included my second one that is soft nylon with plastic clip for either belt or just shorts.....but I just went to look for it and it seems the wife took the Keltec AND her G26 so the holster is gone

    got the other holster info for you:
    mine is a SIDEKICK from Uncle Mike's, inexpensive and it fits the bill for this scenario
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    Quote Originally Posted by CopperKnight View Post
    It has been discussed a couple times. It is generally referred to as "Mexican Carry", you can try searching for that.

    The consensus is that it's a bad idea. The gun is just not secured enough that way. Check on various Inside the Waist Band holsters that use clips (I use High Noon's Hidden Ally or Split Decision and am happy with them). They can clip to the waistband without a belt if needed.
    I am considering getting a split decision, but a little concerned about stability with a single clip. I have a DeSantis that has a single clip, not on the barrel, but to rear over the trigger guard and the holster tends to nose down and try to pull the j clip under the belt.
    Do you find that the split decision keeps the gun balanced OK?

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    I strongly discourage "Mexican carry" (simply tucking a gun into your waistband).

    I strongly recommend the SmartCarry holster.

    The reality of life is that it is unpredictable. You never know when you'll need to bend over for something you've dropped, when you'll turn suddenly at an unexpected noise, when someone (known or stranger) approaches you as you go between the gym and your car, when you've just got to go to the bathroom the instant after you unlock the front door, etc. The SmartCarry will be safe, predictable and reliable in all these cases. Mexican carry will not.

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    I wouldn't recommend Mexican Carry. Too many things can go wrong. Considering the way you dress I'd recommend a Smart Carry rig. Remember, Plaxico Burress was carrying Mexican when he shot himself in the leg.

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    Get something that covers the trigger guard. A smartcarry, kangaroo holster or belly band might do the trick for you.
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    Man Bag

    When I am carrying and in very casual clothes I go with a man bag. Best ones are made by maxpedition.
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    I wear gym shorts all the time. I use a IWB clip style holster. Just make sure your draw string is tight! : )
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    one piece of advice. stop carrying in this fashion. get a good holster and belt before you shot you balls off.
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    I am convinced that sooner or later your gun will fall out. To each his own, but I would not even consider carrying without a holster.
    Hopefully you can find an alternate method that will be safer.


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    You can wear a belt around your waist with an IWB holster under your gym shorts,gym shorts or track pants will not support a gun,ask Plaxico Burress
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    +1 for the Smart Carry. I have an XD(m).40 (4.5" w/ double stack) and this holster does a good job. I only use the Smart Carry when wearing clothes without a belt... I normally use my CrossBreed SuperTuck (which I highly recommend).
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    I second the Smart Carry option and for a belly band type...check this one out.
    Defender Gun Concealment Holsters

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