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The Official "Restroom Thread"

This is a discussion on The Official "Restroom Thread" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK, first, try to choose a stall next to the wall on your carry side. Once in the stall, drop trou to about your knees ...

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Thread: The Official "Restroom Thread"

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    OK, first, try to choose a stall next to the wall on your carry side. Once in the stall, drop trou to about your knees and keep enough tension by spreading them to hold things at about knee level. With a little practice, you can keep everything above the bottom of the interstall wall. Flopping your holsterd weapon inward toward the crotch of your pants is another option. DO NOT take it out of your holster. Your holster is designed to hold it securely and cover your trigger - if it doesn't do those things, get a new one -

    Practice at home a few times...
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    Yeah,DON'T! We have had numerous undercover bust with our Dept. Public restrooms in our area are a popular hangout for pedifiles and men seeking other mens attention.And what we hear from other Dept's this is the trend right now.

    P.S. Someone had a thread on a Toilet Holster about a week ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoleShtr View Post
    I carry IWB also and when I have to use a public restroom my holster stays right where it is and the gun stays in the holster. The best thing you can do to avoid any sort of incident (drop or discharge) is to leave your gun and gear alone provided you have a quality holster that provides the proper retention. Don't make it any harder than it needs to be.


    is how I roll on this one.Just kind of fold it into the inside of your pants as you take them down, and when you are done, grab hold of the holster/weapon and pull up, tuck in, adjust everything, button/zip up and your on your way.
    Tucking in is the hardest, but you will become profficient at it in time..JUST DON"T RUSH THINGS WHEN YOU ARE PULLING UP YOUR PANTS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotorblade View Post
    If someone gets closer than 21 ft to me while I'm using the urinal I simply turn and face the aggressor and use my command voice and firm hand signals to order them back.
    This has proven to be quite effective, even at crowded restrooms such as a baseball game.
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    Your handgun shouldn't fall out of the holster, if it does improve the retention.

    Keep the holster angled so it is not pointed at anything important. If you must remove it from your belt/pants and hold it, do so.

    Preferable to be inside a single stall public restroom with lockable door.

    Hold it (not the gun, your bladder/bowels) until you get home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
    Once you drop trou you can re-hook your belt below your knees to keep the pistol upright and close to your legs. Keep in mind what can actually be seen from the next stall when you figure out the angles and you'll be a lot more comfortable.
    I knew that someone would point out the obvious - rebuckle the belt and maintain outward pressure with the knees... never thought I'd have to be pointed to the obvious, but there you have it.

    I bet others had an 'ah-ha' moment reading your post as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Perhaps peepers will be pooping their pants if peeping into private and personal places and perhaps their pupils focus upon the front sights of a custom .45?

    I'm just sayin'...

    I seldom use public restrooms, but if it's a must, I try to get or wait for the handicapped stall, and my sidearm is in waiting. I am aware of who enters and leaves.

    Stay armed...even when doing improtant 'paperwork'...stay safe!
    same here

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    if you all freek out about using the restroom because your back is exposed ; I wonder how many of you don't wash your hands for the same reason?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frogbones View Post
    A guy tried to ruff me up in a restroom once. I had a rival team jersey on....he ended up getting peed on and a during the shock of that, caught an elboe to the face all the while I was "hanging out". Was @ a baseball game in Houston.
    I should have known - a fellow Texan knew exactly how to handle the situation - well, maybe "handle" isn't exactly the right word.

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    Lot's of good info here bottom line is you have to deal with this just like you would anything else ,use your common sense and do your best with the cards you been delt.
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    piss all over it....see if it rusts......

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    Try a fire hydrant you will have a 360 degree view... Trees are out since one of "them" can hide behind one....

    The Official "Restroom Thread"-1mario-fire-hydrant-painting.jpg
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    I've contemplated this scenario before I was even old enough to buy a long gun.. IMO, I believe the greatest weapon one can possess is a sharp mind. When I was unarmed, I relied on situational awareness and my martial arts training.

    Now that I carry, it really depends on the venue. For example, if I'm at a 'sit down' restaurant such as Red Lobster or a steak house, I won't necessarily be more relaxed, but I'll be just a tad more at ease since their mirrors tend to line up directly behind the urinals so just a quick side glance and can provide a view of the majority of your surrounding area. But in general, I don't hold my junk when I piss, I flop it out, left arm on the defensive, right hand ready to draw my weapon and if piss and blood happen to collaborate in the creation of a pool of handled business, so be it.
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    Or...just pee outside.

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    Do all the non handicap people that use a handicap stall also park in a handicap spot in the parking lot?

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