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The Official "Restroom Thread"

This is a discussion on The Official "Restroom Thread" within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I always use a stall - even at church....

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Thread: The Official "Restroom Thread"

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    I always use a stall - even at church.
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    I've been favoring appendix carry. Using a urinal, I think I would be able to access it pretty well especially if I was able to turn toward the weak hand side toward the attacker. Giving my right hand time to draw but looking like I was zipping up.

    May have to do some mock scenario training on it. Definitely 'mock' or my training partners would never go for it

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    I hear alot of stall comments saying it gives you a barrier, and time to react etc..

    Well think about it as the "tunnel of death" like a doorway opening.

    If you are locked in there yea theres a barrier..
    You can not see who comes and goes into the restroom
    A body count of possible trouble
    Theres only ONE way out of the stall and the BG knows where you will be coming from!
    And if he is armed and just random shooting you are like a fish in a barrel. Those little metal walls are not doing anything to stop a bullet. wouldnt take much to shoot you threw the wall, vs. you can stoot out the walls b/c you dont know his exact location AND the locations of others in the room.

    Just my opinions!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PNUT View Post
    I just stand in front of the urinal and pee backwards......people assume that I'm nuts and leave me alone.

    Just kidding, like everything else, I tailor my behavior to the circumstances. In a busy place a urinal is ok, at 4a/m I'm going for a stall,furthest from the door.
    Well, this one pretty much sums it up. Personally, I prefer a stall for No.1 because I feel it’s a lot more sanitary. If I have go No. 2, I really try not to for the same reason. Either way, I’m very selective on location, location, location.
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    I like to stand with my back to the urinal and sling it over my left shoulder... this works for me!

    If attacked I can beat them up with it.
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    Normally, I carry IWB at 4:00, and with my left hand I take care of buisness, the right hand is on my gun. If someone comes in, or is already in, I move my left hand and rest it on the wall. That way I have some stability if someone tries to push me into the wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bfr57 View Post
    I thought of this the other day as I was at a restaurant using the urinal. It's a really bad situation as your back is turned away from the door, or what's behind you, not bragging hear, but your hands are taking care of business, and you're in a really precarious position with "it" hanging out. After analyzing this situations, I've started using stalls w/doors, locking them, and staying observant to anyone in the restroom or coming in.
    Good topic.

    I've been carrying a gun so long that I always use a stall that has a door. If I can't find that, I hold it.

    I've actually never thought about this, at least recently. I guess once carrying a gun becomes commonplace the habits and changes in behavior it generates in us gets unnoticed with the passage of time. In short, we forget what it's like to be "new".

    Thank you for the eye opener, or reminder, as my wife calls them. I will try to address this issue with some people I know that could maybe benefit from this topic.


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    This is why I just sit in the urinal; my back to the wall.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    I just go in the bathroom and take care of business.

    If anyone wants to start something, I'll take care of that when it happens

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    Always go to the farthest one away from the door with my right hand on my hip. I travel a good amount and have to go to a lot of state rest stopps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vettester2 View Post
    I just go in the bathroom and take care of business.

    If anyone wants to start something, I'll take care of that when it happens

    nuff said
    Well stated. If I felt like I had to pee like a women for ALL occasions, I would just stay home.

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    They say Elvis always used a stall. And he ALWAYS carried......

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    I'll pop a viagra and knock the perp upside his head. LOL

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    Mostly when I go the bathroom in a public place. I just do #1 or #2. Listen, if we live in "code orange" all the time, the BGs have won! Don't get me wrong; know where you are, and avoid obvious stuff. However, I carry a gun for those times when if I can't talk my way out of it and they press the issue, and I don't have ANY other recourse!

    The rest of the time - I just go about my business. Life is too short to be in "code orange" all the time. YMMV
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    Quote Originally Posted by vettester2 View Post
    I just go in the bathroom and take care of business.

    If anyone wants to start something, I'll take care of that when it happens
    that would be a bit difficult would it not?
    sence you do not have your CC yet.


    May 18th, 2009, 08:56 AM #21

    I sent mine in early April.
    No cleared check yet .
    No CC permit.
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