Bag Carry???

Bag Carry???

This is a discussion on Bag Carry??? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone else occasionally bag carry in a "man bag"? Sometimes (depending on the situation and where I am going) I carry in a Maxpedition ...

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Thread: Bag Carry???

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    Bag Carry???

    Does anyone else occasionally bag carry in a "man bag"? Sometimes (depending on the situation and where I am going) I carry in a Maxpedition fatboy. Anyone else carry in this matter and if so what product do you use? - MAXPEDITION HARD-USE GEAR® (Primary innovator and premier manufacturer of outdoor, hunting and tactical nylon gear)
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    I do on occasion, especially if I need to carry more than will fit in my pockets. I use the Maxpedition Fatboy S-Type Versipack and have been pretty happy with it.
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    I carry in a 5.11 PUSH pack if I, for some reason or another, feel like carrying concealed. Most of the time I'm carrying openly in my Blackhawk! Serpa.

    I've never found it comfortable to conceal a Glock 17 on my person. :-P

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    I will not put a pistol in something that is not physically attached to my person. I am VERY good about not forgetting stuff, but I am unwilling to accept loosing a pistol if I leave my bag somewhere.

    Backpacks, purses, luggage...etc all tend to get lost more frequently then things attached to your body (when did you last loose your shirt or your belt?). Remember Yo-Yo Ma left his 2.5 million dollar cello in a taxi? It happens.

    I do carry a backpack when I have stuff that doesn't fit in pockets, just no firearms in it.

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    I will often carry in a laptop computer bag that I use for carrying my stuff for work. I work were guns are not allowed. So I carry back and forth to work and leave the pistol locked in a safe in my truck. I often just throw one sweets and t shirt because I must change into scrubs at work. That makes it tuff to carry a holster on my person. Best alternative I have found.
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    I carry the Jumbo versipack. I use it more for carrying while on my klr650. I don't like storing my gun in my carrier, nor do I like a backpack for the slow process of retrieving the gun. With the versipack, I have easy acess to the weapon. I use it for some hiking some too. I like it.

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    I've got a Jumbo Versipack from Maxpedition. I use it when I've got on pants/shorts that can't handle a holster, or when I need to be on and off with the gun a lot. I recognize there are limits with it, but it's better than being unarmed...
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    Nope, I want my weapon to by on my person, not is some other form of container. I have several different holsters for several different carry guns. I match the holster/gun combo to where I plan on going. Carrying a weapon othger than on person is not recommended. Besides around here Men carrying "Man bags" would cause more attention than if I open carried!!! I reckon we all have different needs and for that there is something for everyone.
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