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Thread: USCCA?

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    Is this a good thing to have a membership in? Is it worth the money and is the magazine that comes with it any good?

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    I'm a Member

    I feel it is an excellent forum based membership. A lot of real nice and real friendly folks in the USCCA. IMO worth the money and the magazine is well put together.

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    I'm a member too. I feel like it is a good value. The magazine has come a long way in the last couple of years and the website is good as well.
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    This question was asked before and had mixed reviews. I like it. Try it for a year, what have you got to lose?

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    I like the magazine, although it seems I read it quicker and quicker each time. Meaning I wish it was longer.

    Upon joining at a certain level, I think, you get access to all the old issues. That alone is worth the price of a membership.

    As far as continuing after your first membership runs out, you'll know by then whether you want to continue.

    I printed out all the old issues. Frequently I'll go through them all again. It's amazing how I can find articles that jump out at me with exactly the info I'm looking for, whereas a month ago when I saw the article, it didn't seem to apply much to me.

    For new carriers especially, I'd recommend joining and printing out (or electronically saving in more than one place) the old issues.

    I know it may seem expensive, but IMO the old issues alone are worth the price of the initial membership.

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    Yes...from a member since day one...
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    No, no and no. Hard sell emails, magazine is thin on content, articles mediocre, boards here are better, IMHO. My one year is almost over.

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    Here's a recent thread about the USCCA:

    I was a member for 4 years, but I didn't renew for this year. It wasn't worth the money to me. I rarely visited their web site and forum and I just wasn't satisfied with Concealed Carry Magazine. It's not really a bad magazine, I just lost interest in it.

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    I'm a member, but I probably won't renew. I don't find myself using the website, and the magazine is ok, if a little thin. I much prefer the forums here, so I don't tend to use theirs. But, if it's in your budget, join and give it a try. As you can see, a lot of people like it. Try it, and see how YOU feel.

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    Like Squawker, I'm a member (in my 2nd year) but probably won't renew. I enjoy the members' forum, and the magazine is okay, but for what I pay I'll stick with this site (can't argue the cost) with its more refined content and membership, and with American Handgunner for reading material. And frankly, I'm turned off by Tim Schmidt's heavy-handed marketing. I respect his hard work, but please spare me the irrelevant marketing pitches for unrelated stuff... honestly, sometimes I think Ron Popeil is Tim's father or his idol.

    That said, give USCCA a try for a year and see if it floats your boat. You may find the magazine and forums have great relevance and content for your particular needs and interests.

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    Great resource and starting point for the beginner looking for info. Worth a try for a year. I have moved on.
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    I am also a member that won't renew when my first year is up. I rather post here and
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    Tim's many emails are spam I don't need.
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