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Do you know any Blind CCW'rs?

This is a discussion on Do you know any Blind CCW'rs? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Lots of good discussion. Here is another point to consider - most shootings happen in low light/no light situations. Who will fair better on average, ...

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Thread: Do you know any Blind CCW'rs?

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    Lots of good discussion. Here is another point to consider - most shootings happen in low light/no light situations. Who will fair better on average, the blind person who lives and excels in that world, or we supposedly better sighted people?

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    I was just re-reading the thread and it occurred to me that a gun blast is deafening -- so wouldn't the first shot at least temporarily eliminate a truly blind person's heightened ability to localize a threat by sound? (Of course this applies to a sighted person when in the dark as well...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmyglock View Post
    +1 on this. I would hate to be the victim of a blind person missing their target. I have 20/20 sight, and I worry about hitting what I am aiming at in a self defense situation. I'm just saying that I personally would hate to be on the receiving end of a blind self defense action gone bad. I know I'm not going to be making any friends with these comments, I'm just saying...

    So you would be OK if you were shot by a sighted person by mistake?

    If me and my family were walking down the street one night and my daughter got hit and killed by a stray bullet from a blind man's self defense actions, I would sue him silly, and make sure that the case set precedent for future blind CCW cases

    And again would you not sue a sighted person?

    Another user brought up the question of what I would do should I lose my eyesight. The answer is that if I were to completely lose my eyesight I would do the responsible thing and hang up the gun belt. I can't afford to risk hurting or killing innocent people. It's counterintuitive. It's just not something I can risk morally.
    I guess the only thing you can't see now, is while you have a right to your opinion it doesn't set the moral standard for society as a whole.

    I don't believe that the constitution only protects the sighted people of this country. There are many disabilities many could argue about but the bottom line is we are ALL protected by the constitution or nobody is. How can we argue we have unalienable rights but a blind man does not? Pretty self serving if that's the way it is.
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    +1 Rottkeeper. and for those of you who say no, how would you feel about lets say a soldier, who lost both arms in Iraq and lets say lives in Vermont. doe you have a prob with him carying a firearm? may not make sense to us but hey....... with the exception of a mental prob. i belive the 2nd applys to all of us.

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    Those who have a disability general have better senses other than vision compared to the average person. They learn to develop those sense to make up for a vision problem.
    Who are we to say they don't have the right to be able to defend themselves?
    If a person with visual limitiation practices good common sense, they have as much right as anyone else.
    Think of sighted people who don't use common sense, they have the potential to be a threat to society just as much or moreso than other who do understand their limitations.
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    I don't know any, and think it is a bad idea.


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    a blind person can get a GFL here in GA as long as you pass the requirements for the background check
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