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This is a discussion on Poll: Teacher's carrying within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I vote yes, I see no difference between a teacher's right to bear arms and mine. (I am prohibited by federal law to carry during ...

View Poll Results: Should teachers be allowed to carry at school?

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  • Yes, anytime, anywhere

    313 89.68%
  • Yes, at college/university level only

    8 2.29%
  • Yes, at high school level or above

    15 4.30%
  • Yes, at jr high level or above (not elementary)

    9 2.58%
  • Yes, but only outside of school hours (no kids around)

    1 0.29%
  • NO. Too tricky. Teachers don't want the liability.

    3 0.86%
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Thread: Poll: Teacher's carrying

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    I vote yes, I see no difference between a teacher's right to bear arms and mine. (I am prohibited by federal law to carry during my day job and am not happy about it.)
    The fact that teachers are responsible for the safety of our children, IMHO, means that they should be given the option to meet their state's requirements and carry daily if they so choose.
    I like the caveat of no off person carry but that is as far as I would go in restrictions.
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    All licensed CCW holders need to be able to access a firearm anywhere at any time. The limitations because of law places an enormous burden to "protect" in "gun free" schools etc. This need to be changed! NOW!

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    In most case the teachers need to be in the class rooms with the students; if armed they need to remain in the class room in lock down and protect if the room's security is breeched.

    There also needs to be a security team (armed of course) that can do the hunting down of a prep(s). Either trained on site LEOs or trained staff (ie police/sheriff reserve program personel). Tey may do other jobs withon the school on most days but when the SHTF they are trained security persons.

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    As a minimum, teachers should be allowed to carry in school grounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Purdue54 View Post
    YES! However, I would require specific training for those who do.
    My thoughts exactly if they have a permit to carry then they have the right to carry anytime anywhere but if they chose to carry in a school envrionment I would want them to have some sort of specific training that would teach them when to draw a gun vs trying to talk someone down. It's a tricky situation it could cause more of a problem then solution.

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    Not just teachers people, I work IT for a district...I support two schools and help with the administration building...I too would LOVE the ability to carry. Since I'm all around the district. SO YES on carry in school....not just Universities.

    We have several "live shooter" excersies a year. It helps the Leo's learn the lay out of the school and how to best tactically move through and clear it with rifles, three man teams delta formation.

    Though Leo's instructions during a live shooter is to move in shoot first and ask questions later.....so if I get caught out in the hall and I'm carrying or in it with the gunman, I and the gunman will get shot....without warning.

    SO I would make sure they don't see a gun in my hand or on me and I would stay locked up in a classroom.

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    Who voted for only colleges, high-schools, or junior-high? Are little kids less valuable or less worthy of protecting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by joffe View Post
    Let the schools decide. Not the legislature. It is no business of the legislature to decide what free people do as long as they're not harming anyone.
    Good luck with this one...

    I don't want the school board deciding anything...that's based upon past practice in decision making.

    I should be a state ruling...period.
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    YES, anytime, anywhere!
    ((Place funny, whitty comment here))

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    Yes ... you never know where, you never know when!!!
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    I'd feel a lot better if they did. I like the suggestion of specified training as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by retsupt99 View Post
    Good luck with this one...

    I don't want the school board deciding anything...that's based upon past practice in decision making.

    I should be a state ruling...period.
    Yeah, what do YOU know... oh. Nevermind...

    Actually, I quite agree with retsup (as usual) - all you would get would be the same 'corporate policy' nonsense I live with nowadays in the private sector.

    I used to teach (high school biology): I can guarantee you that the teacher inservice training days would be better attended if we did airsoft exercises or met at the range! I agree with the training remarks made by others: at least where I taught, we had no training in conflict management and such. I would think that a school would be a lot safer with the teachers carrying, but that it ought to start out such training... not to mention weapons retention.

    Bottom line: if you're going to trust the school to educate your child, you darned well better be able to trust them to protect your child, too. If you don't trust your child's teacher to carry (regardless of whether he or she is permitted to or does), get another teacher!

    Of course, this presupposes that you're trusting the school to educate your child. We chose not to trust them and we homeschooled our daughter. She's now in college and doing well, and shoots a tight pattern as well!
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    I voted anytime, anywhere. But ofcourse, a gym teacher may have to secure it in a locker while on the mat.

    Most teachers that I know are very uneducated in the field of firearms. If it were up to me, they would all be trained in how to properly use it and retain it. They would also be familiar with how the police respond to an activce shooter. Although, if all teachers were carrying, there probably wouldn't be anymore active shooters in schools.
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    There's also an additional problem is various school systems allow teachers to carry firearms. They would have to change the law in many states prohibiting firearms in educational facilities. If teachers can carry firearms, we all would should have that same right.

    This would open one heck of a can of worms. The Brady's would love to use this new "right" in a PR campaign.
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