Requiring my real estate agents to carry...

Requiring my real estate agents to carry...

This is a discussion on Requiring my real estate agents to carry... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have a real estate investment company. If I haven't sold the property before I'm finished I turn it over to a real estate agent ...

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Thread: Requiring my real estate agents to carry...

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    Requiring my real estate agents to carry...

    I have a real estate investment company.
    If I haven't sold the property before I'm finished I turn it over to a real estate agent to sell it.
    It just so happens my agent has his CWL and has had it since 2003.
    He was at one of my houses doing an open house today so I stopped by to talk.
    I've really been pushing him to carry more, he usually keeps his gun under his car seat.
    We started talking guns, so he went out to his car to get his .32 and 380.
    He usually carries the .32 in a fanny pack positioned at 12 o'clock.
    When we finished talking and I was leaving he started out the door with his guns to put them back in his car.
    I said: "What are you doing?" "Put that back on." He did.
    I think I'm going to require any agents that have their CWL and work for me to carry.
    Too many times we see employers keeping their employees's from carrying.
    We have had instances here lately where realtors are kidnapped and taken to the ATM machine.
    It's just a matter of time before one of them pulls the trigger.
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    Amen,. Good call there,.. If I was selling houses I wouldn't be without a gun on me.. I wish I could carry at work, just trying to find the right time to talk with the owner when he comes around,.. We would be able to if it hadn't been for one idiot that discharged someone elses weapon when it was being used for a show and tell...

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    When I bought my house in Tx my realtor and I spent a lot of time looking at houses and I brought up the fact that I was gonna get my CHL as soon as I moved here,and she said that's good I have mine.And I said I hope you practice with it and carry it.
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    I might not make it a "requirement" but to rather strongly advise to carry.

    When I think of people wanting to take away my right to carry, it falls under the category of limiting my freedom to choose how I live my life.

    Although I cannot imagine someone NOT wanting to carry for SD, I would neither want to take away their freedom to choose not to.

    If they choose not to, just have them sign a legal document that clearly states the danger they face and how you are NOT liable for their safety.

    Just a thought.

    Carry on.
    It’s so much easier now days, to "Love and honor" my wife, when she is armed, and shoots a better group than I do. (Till death do us part, eh?)

    “The way you get shot by a concealed weapons permit holder is, you point a gun at him,” the Sheriff said.

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    id have to agree the "requirement" might be a little much but a financial incentive might be better

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    require is a baddy, could leave you liable if they do a baddy, allow would be a better word.

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    I wouldn't require them to carry but would certainly allow and encourage them to do so. Carrying a gun is a personal choice and some people just don't have the proper mindset and they might still wind up victims whether they carried or not. Other people get their CCW permit and maybe realize carrying is not for them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 173ABN View Post
    require is a baddy, could leave you liable if they do a baddy, allow would be a better word.


    I'd be surprised if you could require them to carry anyway. If they didn't tell you they carried you wouldn't know.

    I do think that it's a good idea to encourage them to. It's good that you are thinking of their safety. Hopefully word would get out, and other companies might follow your lead.

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    I think the proper word here is "recommend" as well. When it comes to carrying a concealed weapon not everyone is ready for that level of responsibility.

    My younger brother, 43, is NOT ready for that level of responsibility whatsoever. When we sat down and I explained the very serious issues of handgun ownership in general he had a rude awakening.

    After our little "chat" he opted to NOT have a gun in his home. He just wasn't ready for that much responsibility. I give him credit for realizing that having a gun in his home is something he's not ready for right now.

    Again, the operative word here is "recommend." Some people just are not up to carrying a handgun on them under any circumstances.
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    Quote Originally Posted by abjz71 View Post
    id have to agree the "requirement" might be a little much but a financial incentive might be better
    I too agree that a requirement might be a little much, but a strong recommendation and paying for their class might help out :>)

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    I have to agree with the others. To recommend and encourage is one thing, to require it is something else. You open yourself up to liability for your agents actions when you require they carry. You are trying to do the same thing that the non-gun friendly businesses are doing to CWP holders, only in reverse. Just as it is morally wrong for them to tell us we cannot carry, it is morally wrong for you to tell them they must carry. It is a choice they should be allowed to make.

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    I will have to agree with every one as well on making it a choice. It is nice to see the owner of a company that is concerned for every ones safety. I do like the idea of a legal wave if the choose not carry.

    My sister is an agent and I hear about some of the people that come during an open house. It took a close friend of her's that is an agent being attacked rapped and beaten almost to death before she called and asked what she need to do....Now they both have their CPL's and carry 24/7.

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    +1 on not making it a requirement, but rather a strong recommendation.

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    Add me to the "strongly encourage" camp.

    If one of your Real Estate Agents ever has to use a gun in a defensive usage, and it was found that you "required" it I think you would open yourself up to a huge amount of legal liability.

    Personally, while I may talk to an individual agent and encourage carry, I doubt that I would say much in regards to concealed carry. If one of your agents ask you about it, you could just say something like, "I recommend that everyone that is legal to do so carry a gun whenever they are legal to do so." Then shut the heck up.

    Too many people think of the gun as a talisman that will ward off evil. Some of us know better and have thought long and hard about whether we would take a human life in defense of self or others if left with no choice.


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    I think if asked I would say, "I have no rules"...and leave it up to the individual. I wouldn't recommend, require, or even suggest. Concealed carry should be an individual responsibility...and there maybe days one wants to carry and days they don't.

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