Flying for the first time

Flying for the first time

This is a discussion on Flying for the first time within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So Sunday I flew for the first time with a checked firearm. I flew from DFW to Colorado Springs. TSA/AA at DFW had me walk ...

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Thread: Flying for the first time

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    Flying for the first time

    So Sunday I flew for the first time with a checked firearm. I flew from DFW to Colorado Springs. TSA/AA at DFW had me walk from one end of the terminal to the other so a guy could pull everything out of my luggage and rifle through it, as well as running that swatch over nearly everything in it.... No one really made a stink about it, but I did find it odd that they thought I would willingly tell them about a firearm and the ammunition, yet I would somehow try to sneak something else by them in the same luggage...

    It took me about 20 extra minutes to get through security, but I had the time so I wasn't too worried.

    I carried for the past few days in Colorado (except when I was wrestling alligators) with no problems and tomorrow I fly back from Colorado Springs so we'll see how that goes.
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    Good luck

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    You will have a different experience every time as the workers are unclear as to their duties. The airports I frequent use x-ray to see whats inside? That crew sounds a bit amatuer and just trying to be thorough in their responsibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KevinDooley View Post
    ...I carried for the past few days in Colorado (except when I was wrestling alligators)...

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    I think that some first-time travelers with firearms (especially pistols) have concerns about getting through TSA, but you don't really hear about any difficulties any more. The rules are pretty clear and I think that most airline employees have come to understand the procedures.

    I have traveled on various airlines without any difficulties at all.
    I do, however, have concerns with some 'items' suddenly disappearing from luggage, now that can be a problem and something I have more of a concern with when I travel.

    Stay armed...enjoy the trip...stay safe!
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    my two brothers came to visit me this week and left today as well and I saw for the first time how the tsa fire arm thing goes down, all in all it was not that bad, the woman at the counter asked to open the rifle case to insure it was not loaded ( she confesed that she had no clue if it was or not) and had to put a form citing that the weapon( a ruger mini 14) was indeed unloaded and then the rifle case was escorted to the tsa inspection counter and the tsa guy opened the case and inspected it and put another form in it and that was that.
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