Asked a few cops what they thought of ccw.

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Thread: Asked a few cops what they thought of ccw.

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    Geez who would threat the life of someone like you?
    Same type of person who would kill a cop who was trying to serve a warrant or about to arrest them. Which likely explains the reaction she got from the desk sergeant.

    I haven't talked with many police officers about CCW, because I just got mine a few weeks ago for the first time. :-) I worked for a county sheriff's office for a year, though, have two brothers-in-law and a couple of close friend who are current or past police officers. One brother-in-law quietly supports CCW, but doesn't make much public issue about it. The other brother-in-law vociferously supports it; I suspect he has advised a number of citizens who were threatened to do so and likely has helped some of them do it. The friends are both gun nuts with safes full of weapons, and one of them and his wife have had battered women living with them whom they've taught to shoot. They are ecstatic that I'm now carrying.

    The vast majority of policemen and women are very supportive of CCW. Almost to a person the ones I've known absolutely love it when citizens take primary responsibility for their own safety and personal defense. They *are* concerned about their own safety, of course, and I respect that. I carry my CFP/CCW in my wallet with my driver's license, plan to hand both to any policeman who asks for ID, and expect no trouble about my gun.

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    We have roadblocks almost every weekend in the small town I live in. I always pull my license out of my wallet and hand it to the officer while keeping my wallet open in my left hand holding it out the window, GFL showing. Invariably the officer glances at my GFL, hands my license back and wishes me a good day. They don't even bother to ask for registration or proof of insurance.

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    The ones I have talked to have all been pro. Only prominent time I've been pulled over was at a random DUI checkpoint at about 3 am. I was going home from an Engineering banquet and was in a suit, which I'm sure helped. There were about 25 officers lined up and I happened to get officer # 3. Handed ID and CWP. It turns out I got lucky because he quickly handed it back to me and hushed me up mentioning that the two gentlemen to his left were very anti-protected citizen. Ushered me out of the line no questions asked.
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    I was stopped in Arkansas just over the bridge from Memphis. I wasn't sure about notification requirements, so handed over license and permit. Officer looked at my permit and asked "What is this?". And then "I don't need this." He handed it back and a few minutes later also gave me my ticket.

    Good times.

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    I've never met an 'anti' FL cop yet.
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    My local town marshal was also my CCW class instructor

    (I love living in the boonies)
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    We have two Deputy Marshals that are CHL Instructors and the town Marshal is very supportive of CHL's.

    I love living in the boonies too. Nothing like shooting or even deer hunting off the front deck.
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    I haven't asked any LEO's of their thoughts on CC permit holders. I'd be curious to ask one just for the heck of it. I'd be curious to hear their honest opinion on the subject.
    I have. It turned out to be a robbery detective who was working security where I was. (a sports event). He said, "If every honest citizen carried, there would be a lot less crime."
    I was surprised and pleased. Not all cops are gun guys. Some want to be the only ones with the guns. But I suspect the veterans feel the way this guy did.

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    My CC instructor is LEO, very pro CC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by motorhed66 View Post
    I am a full time firefighter, so I work with cops all the time. I also am a bartender at a gentlemans club . I ask every coherent cop I run into what they think of CCW..
    Based on the guys I used to work with, that's what, about 5% of the cops you see?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Guns and more View Post
    I have. It turned out to be a robbery detective who was working security where I was. (a sports event). He said, "If every honest citizen carried, there would be a lot less crime."
    I was surprised and pleased. Not all cops are gun guys. Some want to be the only ones with the guns. But I suspect the veterans feel the way this guy did.
    That has been my experience here in Texas. The young guys (for the most part) are the ones that are out to rid the world of all that is bad. Not all of them... but more than not. The older guys around here welcome the fact that the bad guys are outnumbered with the help of law abiding CHL holders.

    Like the OP, I too have a background in firefighting and EMS. I get a chance to speak with LEO on a daily basis. Most of the county guys and I are on first name basis. LEOs are likely not to give you a perfectly honest opinion until they know who they are dealing with. Around this "neck of the woods" it takes a while to grow that trust.
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    Most of the ones I have met that "know" I carry, are pro ccw and several are instructors. (the ones that don't know have never asked for my id)

    Missouri must be an exception as I was stopped once there for 8 over on secondary road. Asked to get into car and give him my DL. I gave it with CHL and he got real nervous, and asked if I was carrying, which I was not. Then started to give me attitude about having a chl and why I thought it was needed etc. Total barney just trying to flex his authority. (My uncle was MHP for over 30 years and never had this type of condecension for any one) Got the ticket and left. (bad thing is this guy lives next to my mother....hope he doesn't need something when I am visiting. )
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    i had a conversation with one our local LEO's last night and he said most wouldn't openly say they support it, but most of them think it is a good idea.

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