Anyone here from Oregon

Anyone here from Oregon

This is a discussion on Anyone here from Oregon within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My wife and I have been thinking of relocating from NH and she has her eyes set on Oregon.She has been looking at places in ...

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Thread: Anyone here from Oregon

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    Anyone here from Oregon

    My wife and I have been thinking of relocating from NH and she has her eyes set on Oregon.She has been looking at places in Douglass County(Roseburg).How hard is it to get a Concealed Licence there and how long does it take.Also how nice is it in Oregon and how are most of the people there.I know there are better places on the internet to get this info but I want to hear from you guns guys.
    Thanks in advance
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    Douglas county is pretty easy to get a concealed. Just find somewhere to take a concealed course and pay I believe its still $60.
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    I'm from Oregon. Been here my whole life. Oregon has some of the best gun laws in the country. You can open carry outside of the cities, though you rarely see people doing it. (So it might result in police harassment) There's no waiting period or restrictions on purchases beyond federally required stuff. It's effectively a shall-issue state, and most sheriffs issue without much trouble. I'm not sure what Douglas county is like. I'm in Multnomah County and right now the waiting lists are really long here. Many months just to get an appointment with them, and then a long wait afterward.

    I personally find Oregon to be very nice, and full of good natured people. There's quite an anti-California sentiment in many places, but I've never heard anyone give people from other states trouble.

    Portland is pretty leftist culturally. Lots of great, friendly people, but if you pass through Portland often you'll run into anti-war protests, gay pride parades, and so on. If that sort of thing bothers you, better to stay out of Portland.

    Weather is also an issue. The summers are wonderful, and winters are rainy and long. Not so much snow most of the time, but just dark clouds and rain for weeks and months on end. A LOT of people get depressed by that, when they move here. Read up on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Women seem to be more affected by it than guys, from what I've seen.

    Not a very good job market here right now. Any specific issues you're interested in? Feel free to PM me if you want...

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    Born and raised in Roseburg. What do you want to know?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dnowell View Post
    Oregon has some of the best gun laws in the country.

    I noticed this myself after reading other state gun restrictions. I may never move away from OR.....

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